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best biometric gun safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe – The Best Way To Keep Your Family Safe 2022

With the many benefits of a biometric safe, you would appreciate owning one of these secure boxes, especially as a firearm owner.

Interestingly, biometric safes are not just built for firearm storage; they can help you secure just about any precious item you have, from pieces of jewelry to stash of cash and documents.

And no, safes are not new in town. They have been around for a while with some of the earliest dated safes as far back as over 1,200 years ago – if the Nanjing, China discovery is anything to go by.

Back to the topic at hand, using biometric access is becoming a new cool, and the safe industry is not sleeping on it. Firearm users like you who would like to keep their guns and ammunition in a safe that can only be opened with their fingerprint now have the opportunity to do so.

Best Biometric Gun Safe

1. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

When it comes to gun safes, only a handful of brands can hold up to the prowess of SentrySafe. The QAP1BE Gun Safe is a small but sturdy safe that is constructed with high-quality, pry-resistant, and lightweight steel. It is light that you can even mount it easily on your wall.

This sturdy safe will open quickly and quietly at the touch of your finger, making it unarguably one of the best bedside gun safe out there. And the possibility of opening the safe with just one hand is an invaluable feature most other gun safes don’t have.

The QAP1BE Gun Safe comes with a battery blessed with a shelf life of 8-10 years. This means that you will have no issues operating this safe for many years to come. And profound peace of mind that comes with knowing its contents are safe, untouchable, and unreachable without your permission is something that money cannot buy.

2. BARSKA AX11224 Biometric Safe

This user-friendly and compact Biometric Safe from BARSKA features advanced BioSecure Technology which secures its content via Biometric Fingerprint Lock. You can secure prescription medicine, important documents, valuable assets, and firearms behind durable, solid-steel construction.

You can lock out unwanted users, intruders, and children using reliable or trusted 2.5-second scans. It comes with a highly protective floor mat and is even approved by the Department of Justice.

3. RPNB Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe

It is highly essential to keep firearms away from children since they do not understand its potential danger. The RPNB fingerprint gun safe gives you the maximum assurance that your firearms are away from the reach of kids and intruders.

It’s a 3-point entry safe that is crafted using sturdy steel construction. It has an upgraded smart biometric scanner, manual keys as well as rapid-fire backlit keypads for immediate access to the contents.

You can use this safe to keep multiple handguns that cannot be accessed by any other individual, thanks to its pry-proof, seamlessly welded steel body with highly durable, dual-layer steel housing. It comes pre-drilled for floor-mounting along with the required hardware.

4. Vaultek VT20i Smart Gun Safe

The Vaultek VT20i smart handgun safe is perfect for on-the-go security. It is the ideal choice for you if you want to fortify your nightstand. This safe is slim enough to slide right under your car seat or even travel coast-to-coast through several security checkpoints.

The smart safe is rugged and tough, meets TSA airline firearm guidelines, so it is safe to fly cross-country with it. You can anchor it using the mounting hardware it comes with along with a 4-foot long heavy-duty steel security 5mm-diameter cable. You can entrust your valuables and firearms, thanks to its precision-engineered frame.

The Vaultek VT20i biometric handgun safe has long-lasting rechargeable batteries that require only 2.5 hours to fully recharge via the included micro-USB charging kit. And its Bluetooth app enables you to view and effectively manage safe data.

5. Awesafe Biometric Gun Safe

The Awesafe gun safe is not only designed for utmost protection but is also extremely portable. It is secure enough to keep 2 regular handguns safe or 1 larger pistol with some extra ammunition. This all-steel construction and pry-resistant safe have super reliable, high-strength locking mechanisms.

The keypad that it comes with serves as an extra layer or blanket of security in order to keep intruders or unwanted guests out. The strut quietly pops open the door and keeps it open while its beautiful interior light enables you to grab hold of your firearm in the middle of the night without turning on the lights.

6. BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Gun Drawer Safe

This Top Opening Drawer Security Safe comes with state-of-the-art BioSecure Technology designed to operate instantly.

Your fingerprint is recognized immediately, and the safe unlocks in less than 2.5 seconds flat! That means fumbling in the dark for keys or cracking your brain to remember forgotten codes becomes a thing of the past.

This safe is constructed of durable steel and comes with tamper-resistant edges as well as 2 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts, pre-drilled holes, and mounting hardware. It also has 2 motorized solid-steel deadbolts for additional security.

7. Moutec Large Biometric Gun Storage

The Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe is a new, improved, and solidly built with 100 percent 14-gauge steel walls with tamper-resistant inner edges. This Electronic Rifle Safe, which is much wider and deeper, will ensure wall-to-wall long-lasting protection for your firearms.

The medium-size electronic safe is roomy enough to securely store up to 7rifles with or without the scope, several handguns, ammo, and magazines. You can also store personal documents and other valuables. It also has a lockbox which takes up to 5.6 inches space inside.

The door of the safe has 3 locking deadbolts which effectively prevents unauthorized access. Despite the sturdiness of this safe, it weighs only 88 pounds and can be positioned in your bedroom, basement, or any place.

8. Reliancer Electronic Gun Safe

This Reliancer made electronic gun safe is a whisper-quiet and robust safe that you can quickly access via its electronic 4-key pad. It has a spring-loaded, drop-down door which allows you to reach your concealed weapon in case of an emergency.

The Electronic Gun Safe also has anti-corrosion features, and its rock-solid construction is impressive since it is built using highly durable Q235 carbon steel. The surface f the safe box is smooth and flat, thanks to the innovative use of exquisite laser cutting technology.

If you need to keep your firearm, valuables, or even cash securely yet hidden from prying eyes, the Reliancer electronic gun safe should be up your alley. The best part is you can mount it anywhere of your choosing with predrilled holes.

9. Viking Solid Steel Biometric Gun Safe VS-25BL

The Viking Security Safe VS-25BL has a robust but modern military look. The safe is designed to be mounted discreetly and creatively between your wall studs. It is the perfect choice for keeping your firearms and documents safe. The safe can be silently and quickly opened in an emergency.

The Viking Security Safe VS-25BL also has a well-crafted mount for keys, though you need to ensure that you do not always hang the key to the safe on it.

10. Stealth Handgun Electronic Steel Safe

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is a quick-access electronic pistol safe that is an excellent choice for you if you have multiple firearms. It has enough room to hold up to 5 handguns, making the safe highly suitable for both compact and full-size guns.

You can mount 3 of the pistols on hanging racks which allows you to remove them quickly from the safe in case of a home security emergency.

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe comes with an illuminated push-button lock system which can be utilized in stealth mode for silent use. You can mount it securely on your wall, and its anti-theft cable prevents anyone from walking away with your safe.

11. RPNB Mounted Biometric Firearm Safety Device

This is a desk-mounted, tough, and rugged safety device with a 500 dpi semiconductor biometric fingerprint t sensor that smartly captures high-res fingerprint images along with an excellent match speed of less than a second for super-fast entry.

It is secure enough to keep your handgun away from your kids, and its slim vertical design makes it perfect for keeping under a nightstand, on a bookshelf, or under your desk.

The professional appearance of the RPNB Mounted Firearm Safety Device makes it incredibly easy to incorporate into nearly all interior spaces.

12. GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe

The Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe is a premium product from GunVault, a well-known brand that has set the standard for others in the industry.

It is compact and incredibly lightweight, despite being constructed of rock-solid, heavy-gauge steel. The safe comes with soft foam interior which protects valuables or your handgun, and thanks to its high-strength locking mechanism and precise fittings, it is practically impossible to pry open with any hand tool.

The biometric (fingerprint locking mechanism) and the conveniently-located no-eyes standard keypad has room for about 120 fingerprints. And more than 12 million user-selectable access codes are made available.

13. GunVault SVB500 Speedvault Biometric Gun Safe

The GunVault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500 grants you quick access by making use of the biometric fingerprint sensor. It has 2 back-up override keys which also give secured entry in case you forget the code or when its battery dies.

The Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500 comes with 3 mounting options as well as pre-drilled holes at the right and back left of the safe. It can be installed on the table, under the table, on the wall, and any other place vertically or horizontally thanks to its multiple mounting options.

This safe has a built-in interior light that illuminates the insides in low light conditions. And it switches into security sleep mode if an intruder makes 24 attempts to break into it.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Biometric Gun Safe

As you’d already know, a biometric gun safe differs from the regular vault you may have come across. Biometric safes are typically electronic safes which makes use of either combination of key locks or fingerprints with some having both.

Regular safes utilize mechanical locks or combination locks that you would need to fiddle with tirelessly before getting access to your asset, but biometric safes aim to cut down that wait time and hassle. With just either your fingerprint or code, you can quickly access your firearm in case of an intruder.

This makes them perfect storage for your guns in case of an emergency or to keep them away from kids – if any.

Let me quickly highlight a few pros and cons of choosing a biometric gun safe over regular safes. But as you’d expect, the pros outweigh the cons.

Pros of Buying a Biometric Safe for Your Firearm

These safes are very easy to use and basically, all you need to do is place your finger on the scanner provided and you get access to your stash in micro-seconds.

They are also effective in the dark, as long as you can locate the fingerprint scanner board. If you prefer easy to carry safes, many of these safes are portable and can be moved just about anywhere even under your car seat.

You can also set as many fingerprints as possible, with some allowing up to 50 users (a little too much, but you get the point).

Cons of Buying a Biometric Gun Safe

There are also a few negatives you should know about, one of the most important is that these safes are majorly powered by batteries, although some have charging cables. But battery-powered safes mean you can get locked out when you need to open them due to low battery.

To combat this battery issue, these biometric safes typically have a bypass key to help you get into them. But then again, how often would you have keys sitting around for such situations.

Now that you know about their advantages and the hiccup with buying one of these biometric gun safe, if you still decide to go ahead with your purchase, here’s what you should consider prior to buying that fingerprint safe for your firearm.

Things That Should Influence Your Biometric Gun Safe

Asides the obvious cost-efficiency, a few other things are pivotal in making a sound buying decision when it comes to a biometric safe. Some of them include battery type, size, and more. I’ll discuss these in detail below.

Type of Battery: Since biometric safes are electronically operated and require a power source, you shouldn’t joke with the importance of a battery for your vault. Many manufacturers recommend powerful alkaline batteries with a shelf life of between 5 to 10 years.

Keeping this in mind, you should be sure to consider the type of safe you’re purchasing. If it relies on battery, you can purchase a separate alkaline battery from companies like Energizer or Duracell to compliment the ones you will get on purchasing the safe.

Rechargeable batteries like the ones that usually come with these safe are not built to last, they typically run out of juice within 6 months, so it’s best to be prepared.

Size of Vault: Another thing you shouldn’t play with is the size of the vault you need. Depending on the type of gun you need and the number of firearms you have at home, you shouldn’t just buy any fancy biometric safe because it has cool features.

Take, for instance, if you have an AR-15 rifle at home, you don’t have any business with most of the reviewed gun safes. You can consider the Moutec biometric rifle safe.

Convenience: Sometimes overlooked, you need to consider how convenient to set up and use a safe is. But the good thing is, this isn’t a major issue with biometric safes, as a majority of them are very compact and can be set up in minutes.

Straight out of the packaging, you can have your biometric safe at the spot of your choosing and either bolt down to prevent moving around or just proceed to registering your fingerprint or setting up codes if you decide to add keypad access codes.

Accessibility: You are buying a biometric gun safe rather than a regular vault with mechanical maneuvers because you want easy access to your valuables in case of an emergency? Well, good biometric safes have lowlight LEDs so you can easily locate your safe and access its content.


What exactly, are biometrics?

Biometrics refers to the use of a person’s body measurement for device control. For gun safes, it is your fingerprint, though your voice pattern, retina, and even DNA – which are unique to you – can be used for identification.

If the battery dies, will the biometrics lock me out?

Yes, you will be locked out. For security reasons, your gun safe should lock you out than allow free access. Nevertheless, nearly all biometric gun safes come with custom manual keys as a failsafe. This will allow you to open up the safe and fit in a new set of batteries. Stored fingerprint data should also be retained.

How do I use my security cable?

Loop the security cable around a very sturdy surface. Then run its metal tip through the eye of the other end of the cable. Pull tight around the sturdy surface.
Place the metal end of the cable through the fitted slot on the top left side of the opened unit, and then close the lid in order to secure the unit.

Should I forget about handgun or biometric safes and opt for a gun lock?

No, you shouldn’t, especially if you own a gun. You should never entrust your firearm to the security of a gun lock.
This is because most of the gun locks in the market today are easily compromised with items like coffee stirrers, brass paper fasteners, and even screwdrivers.
The locks that come with many of the gun locks on the market are of low quality, and it is growing increasingly difficult to identify bad products before they go into circulation. To be on the safe side, therefore, always go for a biometric safe.

What are the benefits of using a biometric gun safe?

First of all, a biometric gun safe makes it easy for you to deal better with panic situations as you don’t need to remember complicated codes or passwords or carry keys.
Secondly, this type of safe accepts more than 1 fingerprint, meaning you can authorize as many adults as you want to have access to the safe.
And thirdly, it is the best choice as you can save other valuable items besides your firearm. Many of these biometric safes even come with water and fire protection.

What should I do if my biometric gun safe is compromised by fire or water?

Many of the biometric safes out there are not water-proof or fire-proof. And if your safe is compromised by water or fire, get it open as soon as possible. If your safe secure your firearm, remove it, and get it cleaned and also lubricated as soon as you can. Don’t continue to store valuable items in a compromised biometric safe.

Where should I put the security safe in my home?

The more challenging your biometric safe is to find, the better for you. But then, keeping your safe hidden depends primarily on your ability to make alterations to your home or not.
You can get a mounted wall safe and conceal its whereabouts with a false wall, a piece of art, or a fixture. But this may be possible only if the house is yours.
If you rent, you should hide your safe in a place that is hard to reach in order to keep it out of sight of unwelcome hands.


Biometric gun safes are becoming increasingly popular for gun owners who want to keep their firearms safe and secure. These safes use fingerprint recognition to grant access to the owner, and they can be a great way to keep your guns out of the wrong hands. If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to store your firearms, a biometric gun safe may be the right choice for you.

The SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock appeals to me and satisfies any reason I would need a biometric gun safe in my house. It’s pry-resistant digital keypad and fingerprint sensor responds faster than most other biometric safes.

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