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Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Best Gun Cleaning Kits – Choose The Best Gun Cleaning Kit For Your Needs

If you’re a gun owner, you probably have heard that proper cleaning is a step that shouldn’t be sidelined, and that is a simple yet important truth about gun ownership.

Keeping your gun(s) top-notch isn’t just about storage. While good gun storage is important, making sure that your gun is ready to go off without hassle is important, and that’s why you should properly clean the barrel to get rid of the residues (carbon, copper, and lead) from previous usage.

I’m guessing you already have your firearm at home and probably used it once or multiple times, now’s the time to invest in one of the best gun cleaning kits on the market.

Since there are a lot of these kits available online, you’ll need guidance to pick out the best.

Bothered about making a sound choice of a gun cleaning kit? I’ve taken out time to put together a review of some of the best gun cleaning kit options you can find today. Feel free to make your own informed choice after seeing my recommendations.

Best Gun Cleaning Kits

1. Allen Company 65 Pieces Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This multipurpose weapon cleaning kit by Allen Company stands out as it contains components needed to clean three major gun types – handguns, shotgun, and rifle. The gun cleaning kit contains 65 pieces of cleaning supplies from bronze brushes to cotton swabs, cleaning rods, and more.

I feel Allen Company put in some personality in this product, adding plenty of storage space and a sturdy carriage. There’s a good dose of everything you need in a cleaning kit as a traditional shooter.

Key features

  • Suitable for traditional shooters
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Very well made
  • Has ample storage space
  • Wide variety of cleaning components (65 to choose from)
  • Good taxonomy for easy identification of specific cleaning components
  • Good price considering the options


  • If you have a .22, it might be difficult to clean with the adapter put in the cleaning kit

2. Otis Technology Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

With Otis being the standard issue of the U.S military, you should already know that the Otis Elite gun cleaning kit is going to impress you.

Like the Allen Company 65 pieces kit reviewed above, this Otis Elite is a universal kit that you can use to clean and maintain different types of guns including rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

One thing that stands out with the Otis Elite is the 750 Tactical cleaning system it has. There are several other cool lineups of cleaning components including bronze bore, cleaning rods, cleaning brushes, cotton patches, and more.

The Otis Elite was built for armorers, but in today’s world, I see a lot of regular gun users stacking up on this cleaning kit.

Key features

  • 750 Tactical cleaning system
  • Rustproof storage case


  • USA brand and notable as the U.S military standard issue
  • Easy storage and carriage case
  • Over 40 pieces of gun cleaning components including T-handle, memory flex cleaning rods, obstruction removers, brass scraper set, and more
  • It can be used for different caliber pistols, rifles, and shotguns


  • Just like the Allen Company gun cleaning kit, you may encounter issues cleaning a .22 caliber with the components available
  • It’s also a bit more expensive if you’re looking for a budget option

3. FIREGEAR Universal Gun Cleaning Kit with Case

I will say this FIREGEAR universal gun cleaning kit is the perfect alternative for you if what you’re after is a compact gun cleaning kit that can handle your small firearm.

There’s a 2-year warranty that helps calm your nerve about your buying decision. As for offering in this cleaning kit, you get several items like bronze wire brushes, cleaning patches, and solid brass rods suitable for different caliber rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

The qualities of the items in this cleaning kit are very commendable, from high-quality brass metals to patch holders, brushes, muzzle protectors, and more.

Key features

  • Professional accessories
  • Sturdy storage/carriage case


  • Plenty of options available for the multi-gun owner
  • Well-made gun cleaning kits with high-quality materials
  • Great for small gun owners, clean .22 caliber guns effortlessly
  • There are empty fluid-tight bottles to keep your favorite grease/oil in


  • The plastic jags may not be very sturdy

4. HOPPES 9 Elite Gun Bore and Lubricant Cleaning Kit

If you’re on the market for a clean solution for getting rid of powder, primer, and other impurities in your gun as well as prevent rust, you need a bore and lubricant like the Hoppe’s 9 elite cleaning kit.

I will always prefer a lubricant that has a high viscosity making it a perfect fit for your firearm. Asides the well-refined oil viscosity, Hoppe’s lubricant penetrates rapidly and doesn’t harden making it long-lasting.

The Hoppe’s 9 Elite also comes with 40 cleaning patches that fit the different caliber of guns typically .38 – .45.

Key features

  • High viscosity lubricant
  • Cotton thread cleaning patch


  • Powerful cleaning lubricant that spreads rapidly and doesn’t harden
  • Needlepoint precision lubricator bottle doesn’t spill fluid
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Plenty of cleaning count patches


  • The patches are made of cotton thread that may loosen and leave residue

5. BOOSTEADY Cleaning Kit for Handguns

Let me start by saying this Boosteady cleaning kit is a mini-kit for handguns. If you have been looking for a cleaning kit built for handgun owners, this should top your list.

It’s a cost-effective cleaning kit that comes in a small zippered carriage case you can tuck inside your pocket. A small kit that is packed with lots of maintenance systems to ensure you have everything you need to clean your handgun so it doesn’t bail on you.

This Boosteady cleaning kit contains several important gun cleaning supplies like stainless steel picks, brass cleaning rods, cleaning patches, slotted tips, brass jags, brushes, and more.

Key Features

  • Compact zippered handgun cleaning kit
  • Top-quality cleaning supplies


  • Has lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Compact design for easy carriage and storage
  • Several top-quality handgun cleaning materials from patches to picks, jags, and rods
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Very budget-friendly for all the cleaning supplies and quality of the zippered case


  • The zipper of the case isn’t as sturdy as the nylon case

6. HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit is a well-known brand that the gun-cleaning market knows for its cleaning solvents, oils, and the HOPPE’S Bore Snake.

The tools and accessories that come in a hard-carrying case help to keep your firearms in the best condition.

This gun cleaning kit is affordable and portable enough for seasoned hunters on the go.

Key features

  • Hard and solid case
  • Gun caring guide included


  • Universal and versatile toolkit
  • Comes with lubricating oil
  • Easy to use accessories and tools
  • Ideal for pistols and shotguns cleanup
  • Swabs for low and high caliber weapons
  • Ultra-effective and safe
  • Child-proof cap
  • Guide to Gun Care booklet included


  • Flimsy wooden case not voluminous enough to house all accessories
  • The kit doesn’t contain any solvents or oils
  • Not equipped to clean .45 or 9mm
  • No bore snake included in the case

7. Real Avid Store Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid Store Handgun Cleaning Kit is a weatherproof and zippered case that comes with a ballistic nylon shell. Its internal part tray is compact, and this makes an incredible universal pistol cleaning kit.

If you are looking for a complete system to keep your gun firing accurately and to keep your firearms clean, this is the gun-cleaning kit to buy.

Key features

  • Compact and portable
  • Confidently cleans all firearms


  • Available in a padded, durable, and compact hard case
  • The overall quality of the case and tools is solid
  • The compact kit is very comprehensive
  • It comes with 50 cleaning patches of 2 unique sizes
  • Cleaning rod with a swiveling tip that accommodates rifling, thus ensuring barrel gets as clean as possible


  • No solvents included

8. Wydan Universal Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

The Wydan Universal Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit is an excellent option for those who love hunting and need a portable, cleaning kit.

This kit helps you to stay organized as the rods and brushes remain securely in place. It is the perfect choice for users of small firearms.

Key features

  • Suitable for most handguns
  • Nylon case


  • 2-piece rod extends to 10 inches
  • Highly compatible with small and large caliber rifles
  • Rod sections quickly indicate the size
  • Lightweight, compact, and zippered nylon-carrying case
  • Rod has a swiveling tip in order to accommodate rifling
  • Affordable
  • Excellent divided system


  • Not too useful for owners of shotguns and rifles
  • Customer support not up to par

9. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a great and very impressive all-in-one gun cleaning kit that comes with the right tools that ensures your guns remain in good working order. This semi-portable and highly durable plastic case which comes with solid brass rods, cleaning oil, and solvent, can be used to keep all types of rifles, shotguns, and pistols in topnotch condition.

Key features

  • Helpful and portable
  • All-in-one solid case


  • Heavy-duty box with a classic appearance
  • Cleaning liquids and precision tools for effective maintenance and cleaning
  • Ideal for all kinds of handguns, pistols, and rifles
  • Storage space is well-organized, with unique slots for cleaning solvent and oil
  • Storage case features snap locks for added security
  • Slotted tips and cleaning jags are made from top-quality brass and nylon
  • The case is constructed using industrial-grade ABS plastic


  • Difficult item placement

10. BROWNTC Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Every firearm owner knows how crucial it is to always maintain firearm cleanliness. Well-maintained firearms prolong the lifespan and operation of your gun so that it functions efficiently as intended whenever you need it to.

The Universal Gun Cleaning Kit from BROWNTC comes in a durable plastic case with toughened buckle locks that protect all the cleaning essentials.

The Universal Gun Cleaning Kit also comes with brushes, brass rods, brass jags, polishing cloths, and cleaning patches that users can utilize to keep their firearms free from dirt and debris.

Key features

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Universally accommodates all types of firearms


  • It comes in a durable plastic case for extra security
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Helps to maintain the lifespan of your guns via cleaning
  • The cleaning kit accommodates a wide range of firearms


  • None observed

11. Tipton Store Deluxe Cleaning Rods

Whether you are trying to perform routine maintenance or fully restore a firearm, the Tipton Store Deluxe Cleaning Rods are designed for maintenance solutions.

The handles of the rods are ergonomically designed as it spins on two sets of ball bearings and hanging holes so that it does not take up too much space in your workshop or work area. The tools also offer durability and will, no doubt, become your favorite cleaner for many years to come.

Key features

  • Constructed with carbon fiber, one of the best materials
  • Easy to store


  • Easy to use
  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Handles are ergonomically designed
  • Constructed using carbon fiber
  • User-friendly handle
  • Can be bent extensively without causing any damage


  • Somewhat flexible
  • Size readings are confusing and considered too big for small firearms

12. Freetime Outdoor Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit

The Freetime Outdoor Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit is a universal, all-in-one gun cleaning kit for all types of rifles, shotguns, pistols. It is made of high-quality materials capable of cleaning the pipes of various calibers.

You will appreciate the fact that it is easy to operate, and has solid brass CNC precision-machined tips and jags. The accessories are much more durable than plastic material.

Every component in the kit is organized and neatly packed.

Key features

  • Durable industrial ABS plastic case
  • 50 additional cleaning patches


  • Plastic snap locks secure the kit
  • The cleaning kit accommodates a wide variety of firearms
  • Maintains the lifespan of your firearms
  • Durable plastic case
  • Great value
  • Affordable


  • N/A

13. Bushnell Hoppes Gun Bore Cleaner

If you want to clean and lubricate your .357 caliber via .45 caliber gun, the Bushnell Hoppes Gun Bore Cleaner should be at the top of your list.

It is the most universally used solvent for removing powder, primer, lead, and metal. The high viscosity oil is specially refined to perfection for use in fishing reels, firearms, and other precision contrivances.

Key features

  • Most universally-used solvent or removing powder, primer, metal, and lead
  • Gives extra-long service


  • Product made in the USA
  • High viscosity oil refined for perfection
  • Quick and super-efficient
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Excellent packaging
  • Does not gum, harden or become rancid
  • 100 percent money or replacement warranty
  • Excellent lubricant


  • Potential to leak out during shipping

14. Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

The Ultimate Rifle Build is an excellent rifle-cleaning mat that is made of professional-grade material. It is constructed with stitched edges that help to hold the mat together for a pretty long time.

The top of the mat is waterproof while its bottom is designed to be non-slip. Diagrams on this cleaning mat have the name right next to the gun part. This means users do not need to cross-reference a particular number with a specific part of their firearms when disassembling them.

This mat comes with a separate magnetic tray for arranging disassembled gun parts.

Key features

  • Waterproof material
  • Bonus magnetic tray


  • Neoprene rubber backing
  • Large surface
  • Excellent quality exploded parts print
  • Waterproofed polyester top
  • Non-slip backing
  • 100 percent lifetime warranty


  • Foreign-made
  • Only 1/8-inch thick

15. Raiseek Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Raiseek Handgun Cleaning Kit is a well-designed, 17-piece gun cleaning kit with bronze jags and brass brushes that are perfectly sized for different caliber firearms which include .22 caliber, .357/.38/9mm, .40 caliber, and .45 caliber.

It comes with slotted bronze cleaning tips, a nylon brush for sweeping debris, and a stainless steel pick designed for scraping buildup. If you are looking for a gun cleaning kit that provides great value and gets the cleaning job done, then this toolkit is your best choice.

Key features

  • 17-piece kit
  • Portable case


  • Affordable
  • High-quality brushes
  • Efficiently cleans most handgun calibers
  • Zippered compact storage case


  • It does not work for 9mm
  • No warranty from the manufacturer

16. UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat

This durable and functional cleaning mat is equipped with a durable and absorbent neoprene base.

It is softly padded to protect both your work surface and gun while you work. The absorbent body of the mat quickly sucks up any spilled protectant, solvent, or oil, leaving you free of worry about clean-up.

Key features

  • Stylish cleaning mat
  • Absorbent that sucks up spilled solvents


  • Constructed using high-quality and durable materials like polyester, neoprene, and rubber
  • Conveniently printed with exploded text and diagram about AR-15
  • Absorbent material that quickly sucks up spilled solvents or oils
  • Protection from damage and scratches
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Premium quality material


  • Text and diagrams are illegibly printed

17. Ironclad Cleaning Mat

Many gun cleaning mats may have been made with inferior or low-quality materials, but the Ironclad Cleaning Mat is an exception. It is made of high-quality neoprene that is 3mm thick and finished with an oil-resistant coating.

Users of this mat – which comes with a non-slip surface and bottom – will not need to worry about scratching their worktables. It will also not slip around, unlike many other gun cleaning mats on the market today.

The Ironclad Cleaning Mat is designed in the U.S.A. and backed by a lifetime warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The entire package comes with detailed information about gun disassembly Glock 42 parts illustration and diagram all created in waterproof print.

Key features

  • Non-slip surface and bottom
  • Oil-resistant finish


  • Easy to store
  • Non-slip surface and bottom
  • Long-lasting support
  • Enables users to understand their weapons
  • Comes with detailed Glock and illustrated, waterproof guide and other relevant information
  • Oil-proof and spill-proof


  • None found for this product

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Gun Cleaning Kit

After running through the 17 best gun cleaning kit on the market, I would like to bring you back to a really important segment. Here, I’ll walk you through factors to consider so you end up with the most suitable product you need.

Different Types of Cleaning Brushes

Choosing the right type of cleaning brushes for your firearm is important as not all firearms use the same types of cleaning brushes. There are several types of brushes and I’ll be explaining them in detail.

Bronze Brush

The bronze brush is fairly common in most gun cleaning kits. A bronze brush is typically made of bronze material and it comes in handy for taking out carbon buildup in your gun’s barrel.

Utility Brushes

There are also utility brushes that come in different styles and materials. It’s best to opt for bronze utility brushes as they help remove grimes that are difficult to get off. If you’re trying to remove light grime from sensitive material, a nylon utility brush should be used.

Nylon Brush

You will mostly see nylon brushes in large kits. Nylon brushes are designed to get rid of grime on sensitive parts of a gun that you can’t reach with the bronze brush.

Double-ended Brush

The double-ended brush has a design similar to your toothbrush and is majorly for the detailing of your guns’ exterior. You can find these brushes made of stainless steel, brass, or nylon material.

Cleaning Swabs

You use both cleaning swabs and brushes in the same way. However, swabs are used after a cleaning brush. It’s used to remove excess oil from your gun barrel after you have taken out buildups with a brush. So, it’s basically the cleaning tool for residual removal.


You will use a jab alongside a patch. Jags are typically made of materials like nickel-plated brass so you don’t damage/scratch your gun’s inner barrel. To use a jag, place it a patch at its center, so you can achieve 360 degrees bore cleanup.


You’ll find many cleaning kits come with several patches. They are used for cleaning chambers or through the bore. All you need do is dip the patch in a solvent and place it on a jag or a slotted patch holder.

Carrying/Storage Case

You want to take a closer look at the carrying/storage case of each gun cleaning kit. Go for spacious, non-clustered kits that can hold fragile brushes. Some of the components in a gun cleaning kit are not very sturdy, so can easily break.


The solvents are important for your gun cleaning. They help with lubricating, cleaning, and protecting your gun from rust and others. These solvents are of many types, and they usually are odorous. If you can cope with their strong odor, you will appreciate their cleaning capacity.

My Picks

With everything put together in this article, I believe you should have a clear direction on how to pick out the ideal gun cleaning kit for your firearm. If you further want my recommendation, I’ll be happy to oblige you.

My choice is the Otis Technology Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit as it’s the standard issue of the U.S military and built to clean just about any firearm. I personally prefer its 750 tactical cleaning system and use it for my AR-15 conveniently.

So, do you have a previous gun cleaning kit or you’re just getting one? Please let me know your experience as a firearm owner.

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