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Best Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure 2022

A gun safe is a must-have for any gun owner. Not only does it keep your guns out of the wrong hands, but it also protects your guns from fire and other damage.

Fortunately, there are a lot of gun safes in the market designed to take care of your needs. Ranging from biometric safety box to safes with classic features. When it comes to gun safe, you have an unlimited option.

But with so many gun safes on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

The Benefits of Owning a Gun Safe

Keeps Your Firearms Secure

One of the main benefits of owning a gun safe is that it keeps your firearms secure. A gun safe is typically made of heavy-duty steel and has a locking mechanism that cannot be easily breached. This means that your firearms will be protected from theft or misuse.

Prevents Children or Unauthorized Individuals from Accessing Your Firearms

Another benefit of owning a gun safe is that it prevents children or unauthorized individuals from accessing your firearms. If you have small children in your home, a gun safe is an absolute must. Even if you don’t have children, it’s still important to keep your firearms out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. A gun safe will ensure that only you and those you’ve authorized have access to your firearms.

Keeps Your Firearms in Good Condition

Another benefit of owning a gun safe is that it helps to keep your firearms in good condition. When firearms are stored properly in a gun safe, they are less likely to be damaged or to suffer from corrosion. This means that your firearms will last longer and remain in good working order.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Firearms

If you ever decide to sell your firearms, a gun safe can help to increase their resale value. Because gun safes keep firearms in good condition and help to prevent theft, potential buyers will be willing to pay more for firearms that are stored in a gun safe.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important benefit of owning a gun safe is that it gives you peace of mind. When your firearms are stored securely in a gun safe, you’ll know that they are protected from theft, misuse, and damage. This will allow you to focus on other things and enjoy your life without worrying about your firearms.

How to Choose the Right Gun Safe

Locking Mechanism

You need to look for a gun that has a high-quality and superior locking mechanism. I’m sure the last thing you want is a gun safe that can be easily accessed by your kids or intruders. Some safes can be accessed via fingerprint, some via password, and some via keys.

Ensure you choose a gun safe that can only be accessed by you and other trusted personnel!


Another important factor to put into consideration is the size of the safe. There are different types of gun safes with different sizes. Ensure you go for the one that will conveniently accommodate your firearms and other essential accessories!


The next important factor to consider is the price of the safe. The cost of a safe doesn’t really have to depend on the quality of the product. Some expensive safes don’t even provide the same features as safes with lower prices.

Consider the features of the safe, the protection it offers, and select the one you can afford!


The last on the list is a warranty! You need to make sure you read through the product manual if there is any. Some manufacturers offer a year warranty while some don’t offer at all.

The last thing you want is a gun safe that can easily get damaged without any possible means of getting it fixed or replaced. Consider your options very well as this will save you from future headaches!

Best Gun Safe – Our Recommendations

1. GunVault MiniVault Pistol Safe GVB1000

When there is need to comfortably keep your handguns, valuables, and documents safe, get this fantastic product for yourself! Manufactured by GunVault using steel material to offer you unrivalled security and reliability.

With the biometric scanner that comes with it, you will enjoy lightning access to your handguns when there is a need for them.

You will surely love this great product! Be rest assured your valuables are safe as its high strength lock and precise fittings make it impossible to break with external tools. For portability purpose, it is fully powered by battery!

This safe can conveniently store up to 15 fingerprints. Isn’t that lovely? With its override keys, you are backed-up at all time. It is just the right safe to keep your essential documents protected against rattling and any other damages.

You also need to know it features a low battery indicator that notifies you when the battery is running low! Thanks to its LED light, you will have a clear view of the safe content even in the dark! You will also find it easy to fit and operate in any standard drawers.

If you ask me, I would say it is an excellent product with a lot of cool and fantastic features!

2. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe

The next on our list is BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe. It is a fantastic safe that has 4 simple and unique way to unlock it! You can make use of the fingerprint, password, Bluetooth, or the key unlock – the choice is all yours!

This product is not only safe to use but also convenient! It is the right safe to keep your valuables secured!! It comes with a durable and rechargeable battery that keeps can power the safe up to 6000 times when fully charged.

It features low battery reminder that keeps you aware when the battery is running low! Surprisingly, it will only take 3-4 hours to charge the battery to its maximum capacity!! Unlike MiniVault Pistol Safe, this particular safe feature a Bluetooth app which makes it stand out!!!

The app is easy and practical to use! The app comes with a lot of great functions such as managing the unlocking fingerprints, viewing record, and so on. I must say, the app is cool!

Besides, it is pry-resistant and effortless to mount! In a low-light environment, the backlit keypad ensures you have a clear vision for fast and convenient access!! Also, its interior LED light makes the safe content easy to locate!

You also need to know it comes with important notes for easy and comfortable use! You won’t regret your action if you get this great product!!

3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

There is no doubt, SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe cannot be left out from the list. This particular product features a biometric fingerprint scanner to keep your guns, firearms, and documents safe from an unauthorized guest.

Not only that, it also offers you advanced protection!

Due to the presence of a gas strut in this safe, you can instantly open the safe without any noise or disturbance. That ensures no one is disturbed during the process of keeping your firearms! In case of emergency, it comes with an override key!!

It is made with steel material to achieved durability. It also features an interior foam that helps protect your handguns and other accessories from any form of damage. Unlike the BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe, it comes with a bolt down kit which makes it very difficult to be removed from your house by intruders.

Unfortunately, it is only suitable for one gun, and it does not feature interior light. However, it is fully powered by alkaline batteries as rechargeable batteries do not support the long-term usage of this product! Overall, it is a quality product that cannot be overlooked!

4. RPNB Gun Safe

For those looking for a reliable and dependable gun safe, RPNP Gun Safe is the way to go! With its 3 dependable methods of access, you will enjoy fast and convenient access to this safe! Unlike the other types of safes, it features RFID tags – four RFID tags to be precise! That provides instant access to the safe!

What happens if you forget your digit code? Don’t worry, its reliable back up key got you covered! It is suitable for keeping firearms away from kids with no idea of how dangerous guns are!!

It offers anti-theft protection, and it is tamper-proof. There is no way someone is breaking into this safe behind you. Tough and rugged are the two perfect words to describe this product.

With its powder coat finish, there is no issue of corrosion. Not only that, but it also ensures your firearms are protected for a very long time! It comes with a cable that makes it easy to carry along with you when you are on the go!!

This product is TSA certified, and maximum satisfaction is guaranteed. If you buy this fantastic product, you will enjoy a 1-year warranty! I can also ensure you that it is easy to set up, and will perform better than you are expecting.

What else are you waiting for? Grab one for yourself!

5. Awesafe Gun Safe

This particular gun safe is designed to offer you maximum security and protection. Manufactured by awesafe with your satisfaction put into consideration! Your firearms, valuables, and documents will indeed be kept safe with its trusted biometric fingerprint.

It can conveniently accommodate up to 30 fingerprints in case you need to share it with your loved ones. Both its compressed gas pillars and the zero-feedback keypad will grant you silent entry, so there is no need to disturb anyone!

Its override key keeps you back up all the time! With this safe, you enjoy the freedom to get your guns and firearms when it matters! Besides, its pry-resistant door will keep your gun away from an unauthorized user.

It is such a reliable and dependable gun safe! For easy usage and quick installation, you will find the instruction manual that comes with it useful! You will also enjoy a 1-year warranty if you buy this quality product.

Thanks to its interior light, you won’t need extra light to view this safe content! You will find it suitable for small drawers and nooks. It has a portable size which makes it a useful box for travellers who wants to carry their handguns, valuables, and documents with them!

Overall, it is highly recommended!

6. Younion Pistol Safe – Best for Concealed Carry

When it comes to a safe suitable for road trips, Younion Pistol Safe is the real deal! It is the most appropriate safe for concealed use under your car seat when you are on the go. It will conveniently secure and protect your handgun, passport, as well as your cash.

With its three digits combination lock which is re-settable, there is no need for you to keep going with your keys. You will indeed find it easy to operate in an emergency situation! Without any doubt, this box is suitable for heavy-duty!

For secure mounting, it comes with a heavy steel cable. With this safe, there is nothing like scratching of your valuables during transit. Unlike most products, the pads of this safe box can be removed to increase the storage capacity.

If you buy this gun safe, you will enjoy 12 good months of all part replacements if you have any issue with any part! Trust me, this safe is sufficient to keep your handgun safe from a crime of opportunity types.

Overall, it is a solid box that is nicely made!

7. Vaultek VT20 Handgun

Without any doubt or argument, Vaultek VT29 Handgun Safe is the best safe on the go protection and security! It is portable enough to slither under your car seat. You will find it very easy to mount as it comes with mounting hardware!

The gun safe is manufactured to protect and keep your valuables, documents, and firearms. There is no way you won’t be thrilled with this fantastic product! With its anti-pry bars, there is no room for breaking-in with external tools.

With this product, take your firearm security to the next level! This particular safe can be managed by Bluetooth app – one of the distinct features of this great product. With the app, you can check the battery level, safe history, and so much more!

With the interior LED light, you get to enjoy a clear view of your safe content even at night. The backlit keypad also makes it easy to navigate in the dark! It is fully powered by batteries that will keep this safe up and running for several months.

Also, it comes with a USB charging kit to recharge the battery when it is running low! Surprisingly, it will only take about 2.5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. You can rely on this safe to keep your firearms out of wrong hands!

8. CACAGOO Gun Safe

When it comes to a safe with advanced features, a safe with maximum protection capability, CACAGOO Gun Safe is the right one you should go for! This gun safe has reinforced steel wall, built-in hinges, and a new set of safety brackets to ensure there is no break-in of any kind!

With the durable powder coating, your valuables, firearms, and documents are kept safe for a very long time! It will surely keep your family and loved ones away from your guns at all time! To access this safe, all you need is a single touch – thanks to its extra-fast fingerprint scanner!

Unlike most gun safes, you can record up to 40 fingerprints just in case you want to share the safe content with your loved ones. That is not all, it also has a touch lifetime of about 1000000 times. During transport, your belongings are kept safe from scratches and damages of any type.

Due to its large capacity, you can conveniently store most of your firearms and valuables with it! Apart from that, you will find it easy to install as it is equipped with wire rope. Also, this safe has been drilled to make mounting an easy task.

If you buy this product, you will enjoy a whole year of free exchange service! It is a solid product, and you won’t regret your action if you buy it!!

9. Hornady Steel Keyed Tripoint Lock Box

Hornady is known for top-notch products! I must say they got this particular product right!! It is really different from other safes out there as it is much thicker and the quality is superior!!!

Hornady Gun Safe will hide your firearms, valuables, and documents well! Whether you are looking forward to keeping your firearms safe at home or in the car while travelling, be rest assured Hornady Gun Safe is up to the task! With its premium foam interior, your valuables are kept safe inside!!

Made with durable and pry-resistant steel material to protect break-in of any kind. Also, it is tamper-proof! It is spacious enough to accommodate most of your firearms! With the security cable that comes with it, you can conveniently secure this safe to any stationary object!!

You also need to know that this safe is approved as a safety device, and it is fully child-resistant! Trust me, you will love it, and you will be impressed!!

10. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is the right safe to keep your firearms out of sight and mind. With this safe, your valuables and important documents will be fully secured and protected. At the end of the day, this product ensures you have peace of mind as you are fully aware that your guns are not only hidden but also well secured.

Whether you are planning to make use of this safe at home or in your car, it has a lot of options to fit your desire space and keep valuables well protected! Besides, with its pry-resistant bars, both unauthorized guests and kids are kept away from gaining access.

With the security cable that comes with this fantastic product, you can quickly and conveniently anchor it to a stationary object. Not only that, it comes with bolt-down nuts for permanent installation either in your car or at home! Hence, there is no way an intruder is making a breakthrough!!

If you buy this safe, you get to enjoy two mode of entry – either the digital lock or key backup. You will find it suitable for heavy-duty! Also, it is tamper-proof!!

I must say this is a great deal as such price!!!

11. Stealth handgun Hanger Security Box

Stealth Hanger Security Box comes with plenty of room to accommodate all your handguns! It is a high-capacity gun safe that can conveniently hold about 5 handguns!! For quick access, it has a spring-loaded drop-down door!!!

It is a well-made gun safe with the best features to keep your firearms secured and protected! With its interior high-density foam, your handguns are protected from scratch and other damages!! There is no way anyone is breaking into this safe as it is pry-resistant!!!

With its 6 digits combination passcode, you can conveniently access this safe! Even at night, you can operate the safe as it features backlit keypad. You get to enjoy audible feedback as you press the keypads, and you can also choose the silent mode for stealth operation – the choice is yours!

Thanks to its interior LED light, you can see the content of the safe at night without any discomfort! Unlike most gun safes, you can either make use of external power plugin that comes with it to power it or 9V battery; either way, you are back up at all times!

I’m so sure you won’t be disappointed by this safe!!!

12. RPNB Multiple Handguns Safe

RPNB Multiple Handguns Safe is a fantastic product manufactured by RPNB to serve you well! This safe is a great way of keeping your firearms away from kids. With its 3-point entry, you enjoy instant access to your firearms and important documents.

The fingerprint unlock ensures you get into the safe quickly when it matters! It is effortless to set up, and has good and strong space!! This safe is suitable for long-term use!!!

Its black finish makes it a durable safe, and has a professional appearance that makes it easy to incorporate into any interior space! Besides, it is pry-resistant!! It comes with the owner’s manual for easy and quick installation!!!

With its manual keys, you can quickly access the safe even when you forget your passcode! It is fully powered by an alkaline battery. Unfortunately, the battery is not included in the box, you will have to get it yourself!

You also need to know your documents are protected from scratches or damages by its interior foam! For easy and convenient mounting, it comes with mounting screws!!

Do I need a gun safe?

Of course, you need one! Your safe serves as the last line of defense between you and intruders! It ensures your guns and valuables are protected from intruders.
As we all know, thieves are always in a hurry to get the job done in order not to get caught.

What are the types of safes available?

There are various types of safes, there are floor safe, wall safe, chest safe, vaults, and depositories. Each one has its own pros and cons!

Is there a need to bolt down my safe?

If your safe comes with bolt-down nuts or you can find a way to bolt down your safe, please do so. It will surely keep you safe and more secure!

Can the combination lock of my safe be changed?

Of course, yes! Most safes come with a reset number combination code right from the factory. If you are finding it difficult to do so, kindly contact the manufacturer.

How often should I change my safe battery?

Honestly, I can’t tell. It depends on how often you use the safe and how good the battery is. Most manufacturers recommend every 6 months or 1 year.

My Top Pick

With everything being said, making the right choice should be a piece of cake for you now! Make sure you put all the factors written in this article into consideration! Also, compare and contrast each product, then make your final decision.

My top pick is Vaultek VT20 Handgun because I find it portable enough to slide under a car seat, and it comes with mounting hardware for quick and secure mounting! That is not all, I also like the fact that it can be easily managed and controlled by a Bluetooth App.

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