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Best In-Wall Gun Safe - Keep Your Family Safe And Your Guns Secure

Best In-Wall Gun Safe – Keep Your Family Safe And Your Guns Secure 2022

In-wall gun safes are one of the best ways to keep your firearms hidden and secure. They’re easy to install and provide quick, reliable access to your guns when you need them.

The in-wall safes have the same advantage as the large gun safe, but they don’t take up space like the large gun safe and are perfect for concealing a handful of handguns from anyone who isn’t aware of their existence.

But with so many different models on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll help you sort through the options and choose the best in-wall gun safe for your needs.

Best In-Wall Gun Safe

1. V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage

This Quick Vault locking storage safe is made in the USA by V-Line Co. The safe is designed to fit perfectly between the wall studs and comes with a large flanged edge that can blend into the wall surface.

This safe is easy to install on your wall. Just cut open the wall to the accurate dimensions and slide the Quick Vault in, and using the lag bolts, secure the safe to the wall studs. If this is something you can’t do by yourself, you can get a certified engineer’s help.

The Quick Vault comes with an adjustable shelf, which allows for a standard interior. The interior of the vault has a dimension of 13″ x 11.75″ x 2.5″. This interior contains the lock, which takes up a Lil space. Many of these wall safes have electronic locks, but this safe comes with a mechanical lock that takes up one-third of the safe interior.

2. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

The Viking Security Safe is a highly secure biometric safe that fits perfectly between wall studs. This safe features a hi-tech lock system that involves Optical Fingerprint Reader and Digital Keypad with an LCD, which unlocks when you input a registered fingerprint or code. The biometric lock retains its memory, so you can open the safe even when the batteries are removed.

The steel made safe has a pry-resistant laser-cut body which has a black military finish. It can be operated with sound or without sound and offers a warning sound when you leave the door unlocked for above 1 minute.

Its modern design and versatile size fit perfectly into your home, office, bedroom, or anywhere you deem fit to keep a safe. The safe comes with a modern carpeted interior, different adjustable shelves, and integrated LED light to make the safe perfect for use.

3. Moutec Large Rifle Safe

The Moutec Large Rifle Safe is a large and deep safe with enough space to store between 5-6 rifles up to 50 inches in length. The safe comes with a different lockbox inside where you can store smaller rifles and other valuables.

The safe box is 100% steel material and comes with an anti-pry protection feature, making the safe 100% secure. The inner edges of this box are designed to ensure wall to wall protection after installation. The box comes with an optional silent mode and wrong access alarm, which keeps the safe quiet when there’s an intruder.

The safe also emits a warning sound when the lock runs out of battery power so you can know when to change them but note that your code won’t be lost when you run out of battery power. Users get an extra lockable box inside the safe as a bonus.

4. TIGERKING Security Home Safe

The TIGER KING Security home safe is a reliable and durable thick steel safe that offers physical protection from forceful entry. The super large interior creates enough space for loading any valuables. The safe also has some removable shelves that would help you keep your valuables properly.

The TIGER KING security safe comes with a digital combination lock, which gives you access to your valuables quite fast. There is also an override key that helps you access the safe in case of an emergency or if you forgot your lock combination. If you mistakenly forgot your password and tried to access the safe forcefully, an alarm system is activated. The alarm only goes off when you put in the correct code.

The safe is a perfect fit for your home, office, or private room. It comes with a high level of anti-theft function, classic colors that match your home décor, and a well-designed cabinet, which would make you regard this safe as furniture. The production of this safe puts an end to the use of traditional safe.

5. VEVOR Large Double Door Security Safe Box

The VEVOR large double door security safe box is a heavy-duty steel structure designed to resist external forces and mechanical tools. The safe’s outer and inner surfaces are all coated with powder, while the bottom side of the interior is draped in gray carpet pads with anchor bolts.

The safe is designed with a double lock system, which grants access to the safe when you put in your code or open it with an attached key. You can change the system indefinitely to whatever option that suits you. The Safe box contains two independent safes to improve the security and an easy-to-use deposit slot that enables a user to put something in the safe quickly.

The VEVOR Large Double Door safe comes with pre-drilled holes to help users install the safe on the floor, cabinet, or wall. You also get four 1.5V AA batteries to power the safe to gain access whenever. If you need a multipurpose safe to keep your valuables and your firearm, I recommend this dual-purpose safe.

6. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

With the rate of increase in home invasions and the amount of time it occurs when no one is home, getting this Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe will guarantee quick access to your firearm and ensure you restrict access to valuables.

When you purchase the Barska Rifle Safe, you get a pry-resistant and tamper-proof box made from steel. Its sturdy frame, 100% steel walls, and tamper-resistant edges ensure that you’ll find it hard to break the box and access its contents. The safe comes with a biometric fingerprint lock, ensuring that your firearm is kept away from your kids or unauthorized access.

The safe comes with three built-in steel deadbolts, which create a 3-point locking system that is anti-prying. You can activate the silent mode of the safe by holding down the red button for 10 seconds.

You also get a warning signal when the battery of the safe runs low. This battery delivers low power consumption, so you can power this safe with four AA batteries for up to 10000 biometric scans or one year.

Users get access to a removable top shelf when they purchase this safe. With the removable shelf, they can manage their storage and keep other valuables asides from their guns. The safe comes assembled, so when you purchase it, just set up the biometric fingerprint and batteries to begin operation.

7. Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

If you’re looking for the best way to store your firearm, placing it in a safe would be the best option to take, and if you need something that can guarantee you easy access to your gun, the Protex Wall Safe is the ideal investment. The Protex Wall Safe is one of the several safes built on studs into your wall.

Designed to fit between 16” wall studs, the safe comes with flanges, so the user does not need to replaster their cutout for the safe. The safe is burglary resistant, so no one can access whatever is stored in it without the appropriate access.

The locking mechanism is a digital electronic system which controls a motorized locking bolt that only opens automatically when you input the right password. The interior is made of 2 removable shelves, which provide adequate storage space for your firearm and other valuables. The Protex safe offers different locking mechanisms, but you can get whichever depending on your chosen model.

8. Stack-On GCB-908 Steel 8-Gun Security Cabinet, Black

The Stack-On GCB-908 Steel 8-Gun Security Cabinet is a California approved firearms security cabinet with a three-point locking system that offers greater security for your firearms and valuables. The locking mechanism features a key, code, and double bitted lock for improved security and ensures that no one gains unauthorized access to the safe.

This shelf’s interior is divided into two and has enough space to contain eight rifles or shotguns up to 53inches. The two interior sides are the removable shelf where you can store your valuables and the gap after the shelf where guns can be stored. The gap between the back of the shelf and the cabinet’s back wall has a padded foam bottom to cushion every firearm’s weight in the safe.

All the above listed are fixed inside a steel welded box with staked steel piano hinges that aid in its security feature. The safe also features a contoured non-marring barrel standoffs and barrel rest, which holds scoped guns. You will find pre-drilled mounting holes created on the body of the safe for easy installation to your wall or floor. These pre-drilled mounting holes are designed to align with the Ammo or pistol’s cabinets.

9. Paragon Lock & Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe created a brand that would disrupt the market with the 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe. Although it’s not the first wall safe to be produced by the brand, Paragon Lock & Safe re-engineered their old product with a new locking mechanism and door panel, making the safe easier to conceal.

The Quick Master 7700 flat electronic wall safe offers users two locking mechanisms by key and code. The new locking mechanism is much flatter than in their previous product. Its flatness fits perfectly with the flat panel design, which helps make the safe easy to conceal. The locking mechanism has a simple programmable electronic lock with LED and buzzer.

The safe interior and exterior have a powder coating and is constructed with solid steel to resist any form of attack. The interior also has tamper-proof hinges to withstand any form of tampering, gray carpet padding to cushion the effect of weight, and pre-drilled holes to aid with installing the safe.

10. JUGREAT Safe Box

When it comes to the technological improvement of products, the safe box is not left out. The Jugreat safe box is one of the smart, safe boxes in the market. The box is equipped with lighting, illuminating the box’s content for 30 seconds after it is opened before dimming slowly. The door has also been upgraded with better mechanical devices to provide essential security to the safe.

The box comes with a modern locking mechanism, which makes it more convenient and flexible to use. This locking system can be opened in two ways making the box easily accessible. The body frame of the box is made from solid thickened steel, which would last for years. This box’s other features include a pry-resistant door, live door bolts, and concealed pry-resistant hinges to offer maximum security.

The Jugreat safe box is given a smart concealed design, which helps it fit into different parts of your house quickly. To gain access to this safe box would require a personal access code. So you’re required to create one on purchase. High-energy AA Alkaline batteries power the digital access pad, which opens the lock.

11. AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

This robust AdirOffice security safe is made of solid steel construction to provide the frame with long-lasting strength to use for a long time. The floor of the interior is cushioned to protect your firearm and other valuables kept in its possession. The high-quality safe is equipped with an electronic lock to keep your valuables protected.

To gain access to the safe, you need to create your unique code using the keypad. The keypad is powered by two AA batteries and comes with two override keys to help access the safe if you forget your passcode or your keypad runs out of power. The keypad’s digital display shows three different symbols to indicate when the safe is locked, unlocked, or the battery is low.

The AdirOffice Safe box comes with additional features that equip the box and enables it to function correctly. The features include the two live door bolts, pry-resistant hinges, and steel door. These features keep the safe box functional and restrict intruders from accessing the contents of your safe.

Essential Factors To Put Into Consideration When Buying An In-Wall Safe

Having full knowledge of what to expect when you purchase an in-wall safe, its pros, cons, and specifications are not enough. That is why I would love to introduce you to some crucial factors that you must consider to make the best choice!

Thickness, Size, And Weight

Knowing the thickness and dimensions of the safe before making the purchase is the first important factor to consider. Knowing this information would enable you to make the right decisions regarding where to place the safe and its overall logistics.
Depending on the size of your gun, you may need to purchase what would fit perfectly. So before making the purchase, you need to perform the necessary research.

Storage Capacity

Another factor to consider is the storage capacity of your safe. Before researching the safe you want to purchase, you already know the number of firearms and valuables you intend to safeguard. So before making a purchase, you need to research the storage capabilities to see if it fits what you have in mind.

If your gun collection includes large and long rifles and a host of other valuables, you would need to purchase a large model safe.

Safe Features

The critical components of a safe are another factor to consider before initiating a purchase order. What type of door does it have, what kind of locks it uses, and how many layers it has? Is it pry-resistant? These and many more questions like these are things you should get answers to concerning your preferred model.

Every safe is slightly different, so it’s advisable to research these features as you’ll always want the maximum security level for your safe.


How do I choose the correct safe?

When choosing the type of safe to purchase, consider what you want to store in your safe, where will you want to put it, and what’s the maximum weight your home or office can take? If you can provide answers to these three questions, you know the type of safe to purchase.

Can safes be bolted down to the floor?

All freestanding safes can be bolted down as they come with pre-drilled bolt down holes. Not all safe types can be bolted to the floor as the fire safes can’t because they would break the fire-resistant barrier.

What if I lose or forget my combination?

Some of the safes come with emergency keys to override the lock system if you forget your passcode, so you can use those keys if your manufacturer provided them. However, if they’re not available, you can contact your sales representative for more help.

What if the batteries run down on a safe with an electronic lock?

That is not a big issue as you’ll probably be instructed on what to do in your user’s manual.


My top pick for the best in-wall safe is Stack-On GCB-908 Steel 8-Gun Security Cabinet Black because it has enough space to contain several firearms and other valuables. The shelves are also split into two to give it a multi-purpose use.

To crown it all up, it has a contoured non-marring barrel rest.

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