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Best Long-Range Rifles – The Best Rifles for Long Range Hunting & Shooting 2023

Going hunting is more fun when you have a long-range precision rifle to help you take down those antelopes. With the perfect long-range rifle, your chances of hitting more game is increased, makes your hunting worth it, and the experience more interesting.

When selecting long-range rifles, many hunters and shooters are often confused on what to look out for. Your marksmanship skill is dependent on the type of long-range rifle you use; therefore, it’s important to select the best rifles that fit your need.

In this article, we will be unraveling the best long-range rifles that you need, and the qualities that make these rifles the best long-range rifles out there.

Before we delve into the best long-range rifles, let’s look at some of the qualities you should be looking out for when selecting your rifles.

Best Long-Range Rifles – Top List

1. Ruger American Rimfire Standard Bolt-Action Rifle

This highly innovative long-range rifle is designed with beginner hunters and shooters in mind. There are several features that make this rifle a perfect fit for shooters.

The synthetic stock prevents rusting, lasts long and help to absorb shock when you shoot. The non-slip grip gives you, the shooter, a strong grip on the rifle, allowing you shoot multiple times without feeling the repulsing effect.

The Marksman Adjustable trigger was designed so that shooters will have a weight-to-pull adjustable, allowing them more comfort when they shoot.

For those who use both hands – left and right hand – the 2-position tang safety ensures you have no worries shooting, irrespective of the hand that you use best when shooting.

The rapid sight acquisition that the fibre-optic front-sight provides is priceless for many shooters. It affords the shooter to have a better shot placement, allowing the shooter to aim and hit the target.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Accepts 10/22 magazines, quite a lot
  • Has synthetic stock
  • Marksman Adjustable trigger
  • Folding-leaf rear sight


  • The adjustable trigger makes shooting easier
  • The synthetic stock provides a better and long-lasting support for the rifle


  • The range of the shooting isn’t very far

2. Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Action Rifle

There are only a few rifles in the world with the level of precision as the Thompson/Centre Performance Centre LRR action rifle. The gun utilizes an aluminium-chassis stock to provide great level of balance for the shooters.

For people who love to use different magazines for their rifles, the Thompson/center performance center LRR center riffle accepts AI-style magazines.

Your optic sight attachment point is superb, thanks to the 20-MOA Picatinny receiver rail.

The rifle also comes with adjustable length-of-pull and comb height that allows you to shoot from any height. The easily-adjustable length-of-pull is a vital feature for many shooters who need to balance their rifle properly before taking a shot.

The fluted-barrel of this rifle means there is a high surface area, allowing the barrel to cool off faster when shooting. The LRR utilizes an aluminium-chassis stock to provide an extremely rigid bedding platform for when you shoot. You have no reason to worry, the stock is solid and reliable.

Key Features:

  • Aluminium Chassis-stock
  • 5R rifling
  • 3-Lug bolt
  • 20-MOA picatinny receiver rail
  • 4-port muzzlebrake
  • Match-grade, fluted barrel
  • Performance centre trigger


  • The lightweight makes it easy to be hauled from place to place
  • The clean chassis and stock design afford shooters the comfort they need to make those important shots
  • The barrel length is perfect for taking long range shots
  • The rifle uses standard magazines, which makes getting a magazine easy for the shooters
  • It can make multiple shots, consistently


  • The bipod isn’t so great
  • The rifle can be a bit heavy sometimes

3. Marlin XT-22 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle with Hardwod Stock – .22 Long Rifle

When you picking a long-range rifle, you look out for how reliable the rifle is. You don’t want a rifle with a faulty trigger, a bad cartridge.

The marlin -22 long rifle is designed with all the care in the world for hunters, allowing them to shot down as many games as possible. The adjustable trigger makes shooting easier.

This riffle has a detachable box magazine that makes the loading and unloading of magazines easy for the shooters. The blued barrel ensures that the shooter doesn’t have any glare in the eyes while shooting. Also, with the blued barrel, the barrel will last longer.

A perfect rifle for small game hunting, the Marlin XT 22 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle provides shooters with a lightweight rifle.

Key Features:

  • Micro-Groove rifiling
  • Detachable magazine
  • Adjustable open sights
  • 1-piece hardwood stock


  • The micro-groove rifling ensures that this rifle has less distortion, and more distortion results in more accuracy when shooting
  • The adjustable open sights provide shooters with the chance to better see their targets and be more accurate in their shooting
  • The lightweight of this rifle makes it easily carriable, making them a perfect fit for gamers


  • The hardwood stock makes this long-range rifle not a great choice for very long-distance shooting

4. Remington Model 700 Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle

One of the major advantages of long-range rifles is that it helps you take rounds of shots consistently at your target with a very high level of precision. The Remington Model 700 long-range Bolt-Action Rifle is that rifle you need when you need to hit those targets, and hit them well.

This rifle is designed to hit targets at ranges extending the horizon; that is how powerful the Remington Model long-range bolt-action rifle is. It can take down targets many distance away. The U.s Army’s M24 sniper rifle and the Remington rifle are in the same class.

The synthetic stock is made of fibreglass, graphite, and aramid, making the stock on of the best, one of the strongest in the world. The stock provides shooter with the confidence they need to hit their target, consistently.

The non-reflective stock and exterior metal blend in with a wide range of environments.

As a shooter, you can shoot at your desired weight-of-pull, thanks to the externally adjustable X-mark pro trigger.

Also, with the 2-position safety at the rear, it is easy for you to use your thumb and forefinger, to grip the action. Also, the bipod is strong, with an extra sling swivel stud on the fore-end.

The barrel length of this world-class long-range rifle increases the accuracy and precision of the shooting.

Key Features:

  • 2-position safety
  • Drilled and tapped receiver
  • Free-floated heavy-contoured barrel
  • Bell and Carson M49 tactical barrel


  • The precision accuracy of this rifle is unmatched. And for the price it comes at, this is a great bargain
  • The aluminium bedding block is firm, provides solidity for you when you’re shooting
  • The heavy-contoured barrel increases the rifle’s precision and makes shooting fun for the shooter
  • The trigger is easy to pull, making the shooters work easy and smooth
  • The easy reloading is great for beginner shooters and even professionals


  • The surface of the bolt was rough and can be sometimes sticky
  • The rifle is quite weighty, making it hard to carry

5. Savage 110 Precision Bolt-Action Rifle

Savage 110 Precision bolt-action rifle is what you need when you are headed to a tough terrain, with unconducive weather conditions. This rifle is very precise, and has a top-class synthetic stock made from aluminium.

The threaded barrel is designed for hard-hitting and high-performance shooting. There is also the weather-resistant Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish that provides less distortion for the barrel.

The adjustable 1.5-4 lb AccuTrigger ensures a crisp, easy-to-shoot long-range rifle. Because of the adjustability of the rifle, you can position it however you want to make those preferred shots.

With rifles, the heavier the barrel, the more precise the shooting power. The savage 110 precision bolt-action rifle has a carbon steel heavy barrel, so you know just how far it can shoot, and how precise the shots are.

Key Features:

  • Aluminium frame
  • Threaded barrel
  • Detachable AICS box magazine
  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Fully customizable stock chassis system


  • You can shoot with the ultimate confidence that the shot will most likely hit the target because of the high level of accuracy of the rifle
  • Your fingers don’t feel numb from shooting many shots, thanks to the user-adjustable accutrigger
  • You can load and unload magazines fast
  • With a round capacity of 10, you can keep shooting all evening


  • Heavy barrels are heavy to move around
  • It has less recoil
  • Ejecting shells is sometimes difficult

6. Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max Long Range Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

The beauty of having a long-range rifle is that it allows you to have fun while you game. The browning x-bolt Hell’s canyon max long-range bolt-action centrefire rifle is designed for recreational shooting. This long-range rifle comes with a heavy-sporter contour, free-floated, fluted, target-crowned barrel that improves your shooting precision.

The recoil system, designed with inflex technology, keeps the buttstock firmly in place, giving you more control over the shots you fire. With the brilliant recoil system, you can shoot continuously shoot comfortably.

Shooting at very long ranges is possible with this rifle is possible as it delivers consistent precision groups at exceptional range.

As you work the action, the feather trigger improves trigger accuracy, allowing for crisp and smooth shooting. Your grip on the trigger is firm, smooth and easy. You don’t feel discomfort after shooting a round of magazine.

Also, with the firm grip comes an enhanced control, made possible by the vertical pistol grip.

You have no reason to worry about your safety when you are with the X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long-range Bolt-action. the rifle comes with a top-tang safety with a bolt unlock button that allows you open the bolt for loading or inspection.

Key Features:

  • BOLT Unlock Button
  • Crisp feather trigger
  • Detachable rotary magazine
  • Heavy-sporter-contoured, fluted, free-floated barrel
  • Inflex technology recoil pad


  • The rifle is easy to shoot
  • The contoured barrel makes your shot more precise
  • The detachable rotary magazine makes loading and unloading magazine easy and fast
  • The adjustable comb height makes it easy for a shooter to raise the rifle’s stock, and aim better at his target before shooting


  • Has a small round capacity
  • The weight is a bit on the heavy side, therefore requires more strength in carrying it from one spot to the next

7. Tikka T3X TAC A1 Bolt-Action Rifle

Designed to adapt to a wide range of environments, this beautiful and sturdy long-range rifle is the best adjustable long-range rifle you can get. The adjustable cheek riser and the buttpad adjusts for length of pull.
made with aluminium, the chassis of this rifle is strong, durable, making it the perfect long-range rifle for rugged environment. What’s even more fascinating about this rifle is how compatible it is with any AR-15 style stock.

If you are new to long-range rifles, this is a great rifle to start with because of the firm pistol grip and handguard it has.

When you shoot, the impact of the recoil is less, making shooting more fun and less stressful. Also, with the double-stage adjustable trigger, you can make clean, crisp shots in quick successions.

The firepower is greatly enhanced, thanks to the detachable 10-rounds steel magazine.

Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable folding stock
  • M-LOK ports
  • Enlarged ejection port
  • Two 10-round, steel magazines
  • Modular removable handguard


  • You can shoot complete magazines and not feel the strain on your finger; makes shooting easy
  • The precision makes this rifle the perfect for new shooters
  • The amazing recoil system makes you not feel the impact after a shot
  • It fits well with any AR-15 style-stock, making it easy for shooters to retrofit their rifles with any stock, thereby making the shooting experience wholesome


  • Heavy, and difficult to move around
  • The bipod is not very stable

8. Fierce Edge Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle with Carbon Gray/Orange Stock

If you want to embark on really tough heavy-duty shooting, in places with rugged topography and harsh weather, then you should look no further than the Fierce Edge Long-range Bolt-Action Rifle Carbon grey/orange stock.

If not for anything else, the stock, made from carbon, is sturdy and ensures that your shooting is precise and accurate.

If we are talking about shooting precision, then there is no way we won’t make mention of this rifles impressive .50 MOA accuracy. The accuracy is superb; you can shoot from a very, very long distance.

A free-floating barrel with the level of precision this refile has is the dream of every shooter and gamer. There are no better rifles out there that can assure this much precision.

The heat dissipation is quick and effective; you don’t have to worry of an overheated barrel. The blot fluting, and receiver feature of the CeraKote hastens the heat dissipation process, ensuring your gun is cool enough, ready for the next shot.

You can easily load and unload the rifle thanks to the 3-position safety in the rifle. And oh, there is the safety lock that locks the trigger once you are not ready to shoot. The bolt is closed automatically when your hand leaves the trigger for a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Triad receiver
  • 3-position safety
  • Detachable magazine
  • Stainless steel fluted barrel and bolt
  • Controlled-round feeding


  • This gun is safe to use, the safety lock on the bolt is impressive,
  • The precision of this gun; the barrel length and weight a huge factor in its high precision shooting quality
  • You can shoot continuously without getting tired, without your thumbs getting numb
  • Lightweight


  • Low round capacity
  • Quite expensive

9. Savage 12 FV Bolt-Action Rifle

From a very long distance, the savage 12 FV Bolt-action rifle can deliver precise shots. The wonderful thing about this rifle is that it comes at an affordable price, and does an excellent job at shooting fast.

The checkered pistol grip gives you a firm grip on the rifle, and the recoil pad reduces the recoil effect when you shoot.

With a threaded muzzle, the barrel harmonic is great, ensuring you have reduced pressure after every shot you deliver. There is a solid attachment point for optic sights, made possible by the factory-installed aluminium Picatinny.

A crisp, clean grip and shooting is a major advantage of this long-range rifle. The AccuTrigger feature is designed to fully bear the pull-weight of the shooter.

Loading and unloading is fast, effective and sleek, thanks to the detachable magazine. And the loading and unloading is safe.

Key Features:

  • 5R Rifling
  • 3-position safety
  • Medium-contoured barrel
  • Aluminium bedded Accustock


  • Firm and strong grip for the shooter
  • The reloading and loading of the magazine is fast, making it easy to hunt that game down
  • Threaded muzzle makes for a relatively precise shooting


  • Heavy piece of rifle; hard to carry around
  • The barrel isn’t as heavy, so the precision is not as great.
  • Its MOA is less than 0.4 MOA, making it not so great a refile in terms of precision

10. Remington Model 700 Magpul Bolt-Action Rifle -.260 Remington

Your marksmanship skill determines how accurate your shot will be. But the quality of the rifle, the barrel’s quality, the trigger type, the type of recoil system the gun has are some other qualities that either improves or impedes on your ability to hit target when you shoot.

The Remington Model 700 Magpul Bolt-action rifle -.260 Remington is a superb rifle with impeccable precision accuracy. This rifle has an aluminium-bedding blocks for recoil lugs to the tang, making the barrel float freely.

And a free-floating barrel is relatively lightweight while still precise in its shooting qualities. The stock adjusts for length of pull, thereby easing the pressure on the shooter’s fingers when they shoot.

This is a durable rifle with a black Ceratoke finishing.

And you should not forget the detachable 5-round Magpul magazine that eases the loading and unloading of magazines.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger
  • Tactical Bolt handle
  • Threaded barrel
  • M-LOK slots on Forend


  • Very precise gun
  • The threaded barrel reduces the shooting noise significantly, making this a great rifle for snipers
  • The detachable magazine makes it faster to shoot multiple times
  • The adjustable trigger makes the trigger finger more comfortable, and the shot to be taken easier as the shooter can shoot from his/her preferred position
  • Durable gun


  • Relatively weighty
  • The barrel is heavy

11. Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle

A long-range rifle designed to provide you with maximum precision accuracy, aligning the target with your eyes, Browning X-Bolt Max Long-range Bolt-action rifle is right for tactical operations.

With a threaded muzzle, the sound produced after shooting your target at long distances is minimal. Also, with the muzzle break, the recoil effect after a shot is fired is greatly reduced.

There is a wide margin of space between your hand and the rifle scope, thanks to the 60o bolt lift.

Unlike conventional magazine that you have to feed the offset, the Browning X-bolt max long-range bolt-action rifle comes with a detachable rotary magazine that feeds each cartridge directly in-line with the chamber. This makes shooting rounds of shots faster.

Key Features:

  • Detachable Rotary magazine
  • Top-tang safety
  • Threaded muzzle with muzzle break
  • Fluted, heavy sporter-contour barrel


  • Makes little or no noise when shot
  • Shots rounds of bullets fast
  • Safe during inspection
  • Stable when balanced on sand-bags, ready to shoot


  • It doesn’t fit any stock
  • It is expensive

12. Henry Long Range Lever Action Rifles

A classic long-range rifle with good precision accuracy and ballistic, the Henry Long Range Lever Action Rifles are perfect for a variety of situations and purposes. The free-floated barrel enhances precision; while the detachable box magazine increases the quick-reloading.

It is easy to carry and is a very reliable rifle.

Key Features:

  • Detachable magazine
  • Floated barrel
  • Walnut stock


  • The precision accuracy is good
  • It reloads fast
  • With the recoil pad in place, the kicks you get after shooting is reduced, softened


  • Not very stable on the ground
  • Quite pricey for its quality

13. Savage 10T-SR Bolt-Action Rifle

The riffle is designed to engage tactical engagements at different ranges under high-stress situation. Savage 10T-SR Bolt-Action rifle comes with aluminium bedded synthetic stock that provides balance for regular accurate shots.

There is the threaded muzzle that reduces noise after shots have been fired. The AccuTrigger is fully adjustable, and this provides light, crisp and clean break at your desired pull weight.

Loading and unloading is easy, thanks to the detachable magazine.

Key Features:

  • Threaded muzzle
  • 5R Refiling
  • Factory-installed Picatinny rail
  • 3-position safety


  • The rifle is easy to grasp due to the oversized bolt handle
  • When shots are fired, the rifle produces minimal noise
  • Soft on the trigger finger
  • Its detachable magazine makes loading and unloading easy and fast
  • Affordable


  • The weight of the gun is quite heavy
  • The capacity round is relatively small

Things To Look Out for When Selecting A Long-Range Rifle

The evolution of long-range rifles has been phenomenal. What started as a war tool to take down enemies, with shot ranges increasing over the years, has now become more. These rifles are now used for several things, hunting being one of these things rifles are used for.

When choosing a long-range rifle, you should look out for these factors:

The Use Of The Riffle

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. When selecting a rifle, you be clear on what you want to use the rifle for. If it’s for hunting, then there are rifles with special features that you should go for.

If it’s for target shooting, then there are others that fit that purpose. Now, clearly defining what the rifle is for will help you avoid taking heavy-barrelled rifles when hunting, when you should be taking lightweight rifles.

The Precision And Accuracy Level Of The Rifle

Many people interchange a rifle’s precision with its accuracy. These are two different things. A riffle can be precise but not necessarily accurate.

Another can be accurate but not very precise. So, to demystify this confusion, this is the difference between precision and Accuracy in long-range riffles.

The accuracy of your rifle is dependent on your marksmanship skills, how well you can hit your target all boils down to your fundamental skills as a marksman. Accuracy is a measurement or the degree of closeness to a measurement to a specific target value.

I simpler words, it is how close you are to your defined target.

Precision, on the other hand, is the measured reproducibility or repeatability of a system under unchanged conditions.

Let me break it down. Precision is how close your rifle can hit a target in quick successions in the same condition. When you fire a shot, the precision level determines how close the shot bullets are to each other on the target.

Precision is vital when selecting a rifle. Most long-range rifles come with precision guarantee, 1 MOA or less.

MOA stands for Minute of Angle, and it means that the gun fires at 1 inch at 100 yards. The more precise a riffle is, the better.

There are different MOAs; the lesser the MOA, the more precise it is. A .5 MOA is more precise than A 3 MOA.

So, when going for long-range rifles, ask around the firearms community which rifles have the best MOA.

Rifle Chamber

The caliber selection for your rifle is one of the toughest decisions to make. The proven .308 Winchester is one of the best cartridges hunters and gamer use around the world. However, there are other cartridges out there. 6.5 Creedmoor, .50BMG, and .338 Lapua are some other great cartridges for your long-range riffles.

For those who are new to long-range riffles, the 6.5 Creedemor is a good start for a cartridge.

Barrels And Barrel Harmonics

Barrel harmonics are the vibrations emitted when you fire a rifle. The lower the vibration, the better the riffle’s precision. A riffle with a short, fat barrel, has a better barrel harmonic and is more precise.

The heavier the barrel, the more precise the riffle. Also, with a heavy barrel, heat easily escapes from the bore, thereby increasing the barrel’s life. If you are going game hunting, it is best to go with a long, fluted barrel instead of a heavy one.

With long-range riffle, the heavier the barrel, the more precise it is. To get a more precise rifle but with less weight, it advised that you go with a fluted barrel. A fluted barrel, in estimate, gives you 35% weight reduction, 45% less rigidity and 65% surface area.

More surface area helps in increasing the heat convection on the riffle. The more surface area a long-range rifle has ensured the riffle cools down fast.


How far back should I mount my scope?

It is usually between 3 and 5 inches. To mount the scope, move you head back and for the behind the eyepiece to see how the edges black out when you are not within the correct eye relief distance.

Does scope height affect Accuracy?

Yes, the scope ring height has an impact on the accuracy of your rifle. The closer the center line of the scope to the center line of the bore, the more accurate your rifle.

What are rifles Actions Screws Torqued to?

53-inch pound.

How do I clean the bore of my rifle?

Use the semi-deep clean method. With a cleaning bench, a cleaning rod, nylon brush, patches (the correct sizes), the right cleaning solvents, jag and a bore guide, if you are new to cleaning long-range rifles, you can clean your rifle’s bore successfully.

What can happen if my trigger is too light?

A trigger that is too light might exhibit what is known as Auto-fire. You should be careful when adjusting the weight of your trigger.

My Top Pick

There are loads of powerful long-range rifles, as you’ve read so far. Now you know what to look out for when selecting your rifle, and the best rifles for you, for your different needs.

I have my favourite among these rifles. The Fierce Edge Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle with Carbon Gray/Orange Stock is my best among these rifles.

The precision of this rifle, the heavy-barrel, the stock, everything about this barrel speaks to my sniper side.

The trigger is sleek, magazine loads fast; the Fierce edge bolt-action is every shooter’s dream.

Do you have any other Long-range rifles you love and would like us to review? Share with us in the comment section.

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