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Best Long-Range Scopes: 23 Picks for Long-Distance Shooting 2022

Finding the best long-range rifle scope is not an easy task. You need to consider various things and have a pretty good budget. Some of the best long range rifle scopes demand sturdy structural integrity, quality optics, and wide adjustment ranges. If you’re going to consistently hit at 1000 yards, then there are two things you need. You will need a capable rifle with matching ammo and a dependable long-range rifle scope.

A rifle scope is probably one of the most crucial components in the weapon system. In fact, some rifle scopes might cost more than your rifle. However, you need to be clear on the type of shooting you want before choosing any rifle scope. Different shooting requires different optics. A rifle scope that shoots at 1000 yards might not be the best for shooting at 100 yards. When you plan of shooting at long ranges, have a decent price for a rifle scope. You’re not going to get the best long range rifles cheaply.

Long Range Scope – The Basics

There are several features to consider before choosing one. Below, we discuss some of the main features when choosing a long range rifle scope. The features include the following:

Eye Relief

Eye relief is basically the distance from the scope to your eyes. You need the eye relief to be much longer at approximately 3 inches or longer. Eye relief is measured in inches but you can see it in mm occasionally. The main concern when it comes to eye relief is the length of pull. It also determines where and how one mounts the rifle scope. The last thing you want is magnums bashing back to your eyes.

Since we are reviewing long range rifle scopes that are mounted on long range rifles, you need a longer eye relief. This is because long range rifles have bigger recoil. If the eye relief is short, then you’re going to suffer a nasty black eye. In general terms, the ideal eye relief for long range shooting rifle scopes is 3.6 inches. It is worth noting that eye relief might affect the magnification. You can have eye relief go as far as 4 inches and still shoot comfortably at long ranges.

30mm Tube

Scopes with 30mm tubes are considered much more durable and stronger.30mm scope tubes are quite strong and provide ample room for adjustments. This is basically a matter of tube size. Does it really matter? 30mm tubes are brighter and offer sharper images as compared to 1-inch tubes. In fact, 30mm tubes are built using the finest materials. They also offer excellent light transmission. Remember the amount of light that passes through the rube determines the image brightness.

The walls of 30mm tubes are much thicker hence durable. This allows for internal lenses to be slightly larger enhancing the overall optical performances of the scope.

BDC Reticle

The BDC reticle is by far the best reticle when it comes to long range shooting. It is referred to by most people as the glorious reticle. This is because they support quick and long range shooting. The BDC reticle stands for Ballistic Drop Compensating. Just as the name suggests, these scopes compensate for the drop in ballistic. This simply means the shooter does not have to depend on their turrets for adjustment of elevation. Instead, the reticles allow users to use a ‘holdover’ point to make shots at long ranges.

You can imagine your BDC reticle as a reticle within a reticle. The reticle shows you the precise spot where the bullet will hit after a pre-determined distance. In other words, it compensates for the ballistic drop taking away the need for turret adjustment. They incorporate a small aiming circle within the reticle hence very precise. BDC reticles have revolutionized hunting and shooting at long ranges.

MOA vs Mil

MOA and Mils are both popular terms used to describe the angular units of a scope. They are both used in scope measurements but one unit stands out as the best. MOA basically stands for Minute of Angle while Mil stands for Mill radian. When considering the type of reticle to choose, make sure you also check the type of units they use in their measurement.

Minute of Angle stands simply equals to 1.047 inches at 100 yards. However, people have standardized the MOA to mean 1-inch at 100 yards. While this might work at shorter distances, you will run into errors at 1000 yards or more. This is because of the ignored extra digits beyond the one inch.

On the other hand, a Mil is equal to3.6 inches at 100 yards. However, MOA is the most common and used by casual hunters. You can convert Mils to MOA by multiplying by 3.43. You can also convert MOA to Mil by dividing by 3.43. There will always be debates on these two but none is truly better than the other only that people are more conversant with MOA.

The Tracking Test

The tracking test is basically the ability of subjects to match the eye movement in relation to a visual target in movement. You need a rifle scope with excellent tracking ability. In fact, you need to perform a riflescope tracking test. A tracking test is just as crucial as zeroing your riflescope. Start by choosing taller targets in your test. You can use a 24-inch or 36-inch tall target and test using a non-firing method.

The scope needs to be mounted securely to avoid any movement. You can also use the live-fire method but this requires the system to group the rifle accurately. Set a standard and test each tracking at a specific range. Scopes with tracking errors of more than 5% are pretty serious and must be returned to the manufacturer for correction.

Fixed vs. Variable Scopes for Long Range Shooting

Choosing the best rifle scopes for long range shooting requires one to consider various things. Are you choosing a long range rifle scope for AR-15? This is because a riflescope for AR-15 can be quite challenging. You need to decide between a fixed and variable scope. There are only two types of scopes in the market. These are fixed and variable rifle scopes. So what are the differences between these scopes/

Fixed scope

A fixed scope features a specific magnification that cannot be changed. There are no adjustments that can be made on the magnifications. While this might not seem ideal, fixed scopes are simpler and less complicated. This makes them pretty easy to use and handle. Fixed scopes are compact and lightweight hence easy to carry. Since they have less moving components, they tend to be durable than variable scopes. This makes fixed scopes a great choice for beginners.

Variable scopes

Just as the name suggests, variable scopes feature a varying magnification to match with the user needs. You can tailor the magnification of variable scopes to match the target at hand. You can adjust the magnification of variable scopes for short ranges and long ranges. This makes them a versatile choice for various uses. However, variable scopes are bulky and heavy hence difficult to carry around. They also feature more moving components hence fragile when compared to fixed scopes.

So, what works for long range shooting?

Long range shooting requires a scope that gains more and adjusts with ease. This is why variable scopes stand out as the best when shooting at long ranges. You can nail targets at 1000 yards when using a variable scope as opposed to a fixed scope. When hunting at long range, a variable scope is the best pick.

However, the same cannot be said of fixed scopes that work perfectly at short ranges. In general, variable scopes are better since they can be used anywhere. You have the freedom to control that magnification depending on the target range.


Do you think long-range shooting requires pretty huge magnifications of 70X or more? Wrong! That is not the case as most people think. In fact, you can precisely shoot a man-sized object at 500 yards using a mere 4X scope. Ideal, long range shooting is at around 1000 yards. The most powerful magnification one requires for long-range shooting is about 25X. This means getting a variable scope with a magnification of 5X-25X is work just fine.

Getting a scope beyond 25X magnification will make the image blurred and hard to see. Apart from that, the scope gets pretty heavier making it pretty difficult to carry around.

Target Turrets

Turrets also play a major role when shooting at long ranges. These are small devices that are mounted on the sides and top of the rifle scope. The turrets are used in the reticle adjustment after making initial shots. There are chances that your first shots will miss the target or dead center by a few inches. This is where turrets come into play to adjust the reticle and have the bullet hit the crosshair.

Every long range shooting requires turrets to dial. A quality set of turrets can mean the difference when shooting at long ranges. The same applies to tactical, competition or bench rest shooting. Sometimes you need to adjust the reticle downwards, upwards or to either side depending on the target position. Turrets are a must for precise optical adjustments. You can calculate the adjustments in Minute of angle or in inches.

Remember, making small adjustments at 100 yards will not create a big difference. However, there is a big difference when you make the same small adjustments at 1000 yards. This is why turret adjustment is crucial for long range shooting. Moreover, turrets offer a tactile feeling when you can hear the adjustments in the form of a click. You can easily count your clicks and know how many inches one needs to move towards the left or right.

First Focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane

There are choices that hunters and shooters make when choosing a riflescope are many. While most of these choices are easy, there are others that get more complicated. One of the most misunderstood features is deciding between a first focal plane FFP and a second focal plane, SFP. So, what do FFP and SFP mean?

The main difference between these two is the changing size of the reticle. The reticle of the scope is placed either in the first focal plane or second focal plane. In the SFP, the reticle size appears the same regardless of the magnification. However, in the FFP, the reticle size significantly changes with the magnification.

Most hunters are shooters are familiar with SFP which is pretty common with most hunting scopes. However, with technological advancements, FFP scopes are becoming quite common with long range shooting. SFP scopes are pretty good at short ranges. However, at extended ranges, they become poor, especially when using drop compensation reticles. The reticle size will remain the same with increased magnification. This simply means the hash marks on the reticle will vary with each increased magnification.

This is something that the FFP scopes win over when it comes to long range shooting. You can increase the magnification without the hash marks changing. This is because the reticle also zooms simultaneously with the magnification as long as the reticle distance remains the same. Moreover, most FFP scopes with BDC reticles can work in conjunction with MOA turrets for precise adjustment.

In general, the most suitable choice comes down to personal use. Both planes work perfectly but in the case of long range shooting, the FFP reticle stands out as the best choice.

How Much Should I Spend on a Rifle Scope?

If you spend time searching for an answer to this question, then you might never get one. You can spend as much as $2000 or something less than $500. Most scopes from a visual point of view appear simply as black tubes. It is quite difficult to discern the price by simply looking. However, the amount to spend will be determined by the specific use and shooting range.

Realistically, you need to spend as much money on your riflescope as on your rifle. And, there is a reason for that. Take for example spending about $500 on a standard Remington bolt action rifle. This is a pretty accurate rifle that can shoot at 100 yards with sub-MOA accuracy. You obviously need to use your rifle to the maximum. And, the only way to utilize its features is by getting a scope with precise adjustments and good glass quality. Most scopes with such features will not cost you less than $300. This simply means getting a scope of the same price range or something close.

It even gets damn expensive when shooting long range. You need a pretty good rifle which will be quite expensive. This also means getting a damn expensive scope that matches the rifle features. Below, we look at when to spend over $1000, under $1000 and under $500.

Over 1000

You need to spend over 1000 when looking for high-end riflescopes. These are riflescopes that support long range hunting or tactical shooting. Such scopes are usually variable scopes with excellent magnification. These are riflescopes that only a few hunters require. They feature precision adjustments and state of the art optics. However, if most cases, you will not require these expensive scopes for casual hunting.

Under 1000

These are basic riflescopes with high-end features but low on the price. Here you can get a decent variable scope for both long range and short range shooting. They usually comprise the most basic features. Most American hunters usually have their scopes within this budget range. Generally, this is the ideal price where you can get a pretty decent riflescope. Unless you want something special for tactical shooting, you can find a good scope in this price category.

In fact, you can get specific features with a budget of 1000. Riflescopes under this category should serve you well and meet most hunting needs at both long and short ranges.

Under 500

While most people consider $500 good money, this is the low-end price when in the scopes industry. However, you can still get a pretty decent scope when you don’t have any serious scope requirements. Just because these scopes cost less 500, it does not mean they are cheap or come with low quality features. These are perfect first-time buyer scopes where you get to experience the optic world.

In most cases, these are fixed scopes best suited for short range shooting. In fact, you don’t need to spend more than 500 when doing basic hunting at below 100 yards. You can get a quality riflescope with excellent features at just below 500 dollars.

Brands Worth Looking Into

Schmidt & Bender

There are not many Schmidt & Bender riflescopes in the market but there is a reason for that. Having the highest number of products in the market does not mean the best quality. And, Schmidt & Bender proves just that with limited riflescopes. However, all their riflescopes have been built by hand using the most experienced experts in the industry. Not many companies can claim to have the assembly done by hand.

This is a family enterprise business with over 50 years in the industry. This is a Germany based company founded in 1957 by an instrument maker Helmut Schmidt. The company produces optics for hunting, sports and professional use by the military and the police.


The Leupold is by far one of the most favorite brands in the US with very interesting facts. It is an innovative brand that comes with improving optical devices. In fact, Leupold was the first company to manufacture the fog proof scope. You can find pretty cheap scopes of these brands but rarely will you meet better scopes from other brands at the same price.

This is a brand that is well-known for meeting the client’s value for money. The company also makes range finders and other optical devices apart from scopes. It is a trusted brand to consider buying from with confidence.


Nightforce also produces some of the best riflescopes in the industry. You can be sure of seeing everything you want through a Nightscope riflescope. Besides, these riflescopes undergo intense testing before they leave the factory. They undergo testing in-tank simulating 100 feet water for 24 hours. When it comes to durability and resistance to weather damage, Nightforce scopes are obvious winners. You can be sure the scopes can withstand anything they will meet in the field.

 Their riflescopes are thermally stable and can withstand freezing at -80 degrees and re-heating back to 250 degrees. Moreover, scope functions are tested at 100% waterproof properties. Their scopes are known for their incredible precision and durability.


The Vortex brand is a renowned optic manufacturer in the industry known for top-quality optics. This is an American brand that meets the highest American standards. The brand was first formed in 1949 and has since produced some of the best optic devices in the market. This is a pretty versatile brand known to produce both hunting and shooting scopes. It features a wide range of products which include red dot scopes, spotting scopes, range finders, monocular, riflescopes and much more.

Moreover, the brand is known for some of the most affordable scopes in the industry with very decent features. You definitely need to take Vortex into consideration. You can be sure of a quality riflescope no matter the price range.


Zeiss is another leading optic brand that has been on the market for over 150 years. This is a leading riflescope brand located in Germany. The company specializes in the manufacturing of riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc. This is a leading brand with both entry-level optics and high-end optics. They certainly cater for all persons from basic affordable optics to expensive high-end scopes.

This is a trusted brand that has served hunters and shooters for years. They continually keep producing newer scopes with even better features. You can be sure of getting a super-quality scope from this brand with excellent features.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms is another leading manufacturer of optics, firearms and outdoor gears. It is a trusted brand when looking for quality high-end riflescopes. This is a relatively new company founded in 2007 but one that has grown steadily. It is a US-based company found in Houston Texas. The company was founded with a simple objective. To make quality optics for professional shooters, law enforcement and weekend hunters.

The company is known for using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. It has developed some of the best high-end riflescopes in the industry. It also produces red dot sights and other excellent optical devices.


This is another leading riflescope brand that has established its name in the American riflescope industry. They are among the best scopes in the industry with a rugged, bright, clear and precise construction. It is a unique brand that caters for shooters, hunters and sportsmen’s with a wide array of riflescopes.

Best Long-Range Scope – Our Recommendations

These are the best long range riflescopes in the market to consider buying this year. They are top-quality scopes coming from the leading brands in the industry. They are excellent scopes with good features for easy viewing at long ranges. Besides, most of the scopes are quite affordable and come at different price ranges. You can carefully analyze each scope and narrow down to one that best suits your needs.

1. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen ii

The Vortex Gen II is a perfect long-range riflescope to start our list and a pretty decent selection. It is a powerful riflescope with incredible performances. Besides, the scope feature rock-solid features taking your game to new heights. This is a 3-15×44 second focal plane riflescope. It is an incredibly versatile scope suitable for both long and short-range shooting. If you have any issue with turret dialing, then you will fall in love with this scope. The scope features a fiber optic rotation indicator that helps keep track of each turret position. Moreover, the turrets are laser etched with RZR zero stop and easy parallax adjustment.

In general, this is a highly functional and intuitive scope with detailed hold points. The scope works perfectly giving optimal viewing. There are a total of 10 intensity levels with off positions between each setting. In addition, the scope features very low light dispersion in the glass increasing color fidelity and resolution. This is an XR fully-coated riflescope with increased light transmission. Furthermore, the coatings protect your lenses from dirt, oil, and scratches. This is a waterproof riflescope with O-sealed rings and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

2. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 FFP

This is a rich-feature riflescope with deadly accuracy levels. It is an ideal solution for tactical operations and advanced precision shooting. Moreover, the riflescope features a glass etched EBR-2C MOA reticle with 100 illumination intensities. This helps keep sub-tensions accurate. It is a premium quality riflescope specially designed for dialing at long ranges. The scope features the L-TEC Turret system with a locking mechanism. This helps prevent accidental elevation adjustments giving users precise shots. In addition, the scope features a visual rotation indicator. This helps keep track of turret revolutions.

Overall, this is a well-featured riflescope with a 6x zoom range to offer versatility. It also ensures fast eyepiece focus and adjustment. Moreover, side parallax adjustment and illumination controls have been integrated into the knob for easy operation. This ensures easy use and streamlined performances. This is an APO system riflescope with stunning image qualities. The scope also features a low dispersion glass and high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum construction. It is a pretty durable and waterproof riflescope that will serve you well. Furthermore, the scope lenses feature an Armotek coating preventing scratches, dirt, and oil.

3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rimfire

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is an all-purpose hunting riflescope and one with many configurations. It features a V-Plex reticle that works in many hunting situations. Moreover, the scope features long eye relief keeping your eye-safe. It also features an ultra-forgiving eye box for faster and easy sighting of targets. The scope eyepiece features very fast reticle focusing hence the perfect choice for hunting situations when you need to focus fast. Besides, the lenses feature excellent protection keeping them safe and durable. They are anti-reflective and feature fully multi-coatings providing the user with a bright and clear view of the image.

In addition, the riflescope comes with capped turrets for easy reticle adjustment. The turrets are finger adjustable with easy MOA clicks. You can also reset the turrets to zero after sighting in for immediate use when you have another target. Overall, this is a strong single-tube riflescope with aircraft-grade aluminum construction. It is a shockproof scope that can withstand falls in the wild. It also features O-sealed rings making it waterproof and fog proof.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout, SFP 1-inch Tube

The Vortex Crossfire II Scout is another excellent riflescope for a variety of hunting. It is a versatile riflescope that works for short and long ranges. The riflescope features the popular V-Plex reticle which is works for most hunting cases. In addition, the scope features a pretty safe 9.5” eye relief. This makes this riflescope a perfect choice for AR15 keeping your eyes safe from recoil. Moreover, the scope eye box is ultra-forgiving. This gives the users pretty fast focusing speeds. This is a feature you will very much fall in love with when hunting. You sometimes need to focus and shoot immediately since the game will not stay in one place for long.

This is a strong and durable riflescope with aircraft-grade aluminum material construction. It is a single-piece riflescope that withstands heavy use without damage. Besides, the scope comes with capped turrets for easy reticle adjustments. It features easy finger MOA clicks setting the reticle for precise shots. In addition, the scope features fully multi-coated lenses for clear and bright images. The lenses are well-protected from dirt and scratches. They are also anti-reflective for clear images. Overall, this is fog proof and waterproof riflescope to consider buying with confidence.

5. Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm

The Leupold Mark 5HD riflescope is another exciting choice with 100% waterproof and fog proof. The scope is also shockproof and can resist impact falls. It is a premium quality riflescope with a front focal PR-1 MOA reticle. The scope also features a sleek matte finish. Besides, this riflescope is pretty easy to operate and handle. It features a 1/4MOA dial and three revolutions of travel. There is a further revolution indicator, push-button, and zero locks to prevent accidental adjustments. This is an FFP riflescope where the reticle magnifies along with the image. It allows for easy range estimation at all magnification settings.

In addition, this riflescope features a Twilight Max HD Management system that adds up to 30 minutes of shooting time. It is one of the best scopes under the class of glare reduction. Moreover, the scope features scratch-resistant lenses for long-lasting use and durability. Overall, this is a lightweight design riflescope thus excellent recoil dispersion. This is a premium quality riflescope designed and machined in the USA to the highest quality standards.

6. Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44mm

This is another top-quality riflescope from the Leupold brand and a decent choice to consider buying. It is a sleek design riflescope with a black matte finish. The scope features a front focal tremor 3 reticles hence easy target zeroing. The construction of the scope is solid hence durable. This scope is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof for long-lasting use. It can also withstand harsh outdoor elements making it pretty versatile for different hunting scenarios. In addition, this scope features the M5C3 low profile turrets. It provides users with 1/10 Mil per click with up to 30 Milsof adjustments in just 3 revolutions. You can be sure of precise adjustments due to tactile and visual indicators.

In addition, this riflescope features a Twilight Max HD Management system that adds up to 30 minutes of shooting time. It is one of the best scopes under the class of glare reduction. Moreover, the scope features scratch-resistant lenses for long-lasting use and durability. Overall, this is a lightweight design riflescope thus excellent recoil dispersion. This is a premium quality riflescope designed and machined in the USA to the highest quality standards.

7. Nikon Black FX1000

The Nikon Black FX1000 is another excellent choice long-range riflescope to consider buying. This is a top-quality riflescope with a glass etched ranging reticle. The reticle is located in the First Focal Plane and works to estimate the target size and range. In addition, it can also estimate wind drift and holdover at a specific magnification level. The scope is pretty easy to use due to the side-mounted turrets control. There are also a total of 10 intensity settings. The scope powers down after one hour of running without operation. You also get constant and generous eye-relief for safe use. The scope keeps your eyebrows safe while giving you good sights from different shooting positions.

Overall, this is a decent long-range riflescope with a smooth-turn aluminum ring for quick eyepiece focus and side focus parallax adjustment. You can adjust the side parallax knob without changing the shooting position. This makes such a scope pretty decent for deer hunting where you have to remain stealthy. Besides, the O-ring is sealed preventing moisture entry. This keeps the scope waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. This is a competition-ready and hunting-ready riflescope right out of the box.

8. BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot

The Barska Mil-Dot riflescope is another versatile choice scope to buy right away with confidence. It is a specially designed scope for long-range shooting, hunting, and target shooting. For unsurpassed accuracy, the scope features an adjustable objective hence easy parallax correction. Besides, the scope turrets are pretty easy to use and adjust. They feature a firm and easy grip offering extra-high windage. This gives precise elevation adjustment. The objective lens is also large and multi-coated hence clear and bright. It is a uniquely designed riflescope that suits various shooting situations. The scope is also available in various sizes and reticle types thus matching different user needs.

Overall, this is a premium quality riflescope with a limited lifetime warranty. It is a great choice scope with a Mil-Dot reticle giving users excellent range estimation. It also gives shooters holdover reference points thus compensating for wind drift and bullet drop. The fact that you can zoom from10x to 40x means you can get close to the target. It is a great choice riflescope with a 1-inch mounting tube and 1/8 MOA clicks. The scope caps are also included for immediate use out of the box.

9. Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP

The Primary riflescope is another top-quality pick ideal for long-range shooting. It is a variable scope with a magnification of 4-4×44 to sight in short and long-range targets. This is a First Focal Plane riflescope with R Grid 2B reticle. It is a unique reticle design that gives shooters a close-quarter snap shooting. The reticle combines a chevron center and horseshoe with a MIL-DOT grid. This grid ensures precise holds for perfect shots. This is a partially red illuminated riflescope with 6 intensity levels. The brightness levels are powered by a common CR2032 battery. It is a quality design scope that keeps the reticle true throughout the entire magnification range.

This is a leading riflescope that opens a world of possibilities hunters, marksmen, and various shooting competitions. It is a pretty sturdy scope with a built-in tank construction for long-lasting use. The scope also comes with 3 years warranty for workmanship and material defects. This way, you can buy with confidence right away. Overall, this is a durable IPX7 waterproof riflescope. It is also fog proof and shockproof for safe use outdoors. The scope features a sleek 6063 aluminum body construction and a black matte finish.

10. Burris 200116 Eliminator 4-16 x 50 x 96

This is another precision riflescope that determines the distance of the target by relying on the eliminator. It also factors in your trajectory and illuminates the perfect holdover point. This ensures bulls-eye shots without missing the target. It is a pretty reliable and efficient scope that makes hunting fun and enjoyable. This scope eliminates guesswork and extra variables making you productive in the hunt. Besides, the scope features a built-in long-distance range finder with up to 1200 yards ranging capabilities. The scope easily increases the range at which shooters can make an ethical shot. Furthermore, it features a laser to increase accuracy levels. You can be sure of increased rifle range and added accuracy when shooting.

Overall, this is an excellent choice riflescope with state-of-the-art optics. It is one of the few scopes with a built-in inclinometer to further enhance accuracy. This way, you can shoot in a variety of conditions like down steep hills or up hills. You also get a wide field of view of 25 feet to 100 yards on the low and 9 feet to 100 yards on the high. It is a reliable scope and one that is pretty easy to use and sight in a matter of seconds.

11. Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16×50 SFP

The Vortex Optics Viper riflescope is a subset of the Viper HS line riflescopes. This is an SFP riflescope suitable for long-range shooting and hunting. It is a perfect scope in cases when you need to extend your shooting range. In such situations, wind drift and bullet drop are crucial factors to compensate for before taking any shots. Besides, the riflescope features a dead-hold BDC reticle. This type of reticle is perfect when shooting or hunting at varying ranges. In such situations, estimation holdovers are a huge concern.

Overall, this is an advanced optical system with quality XD glass giving you clear and bright images. Besides, the scope features multi-coated lenses allowing users to capture most of the light from dawn to dusk. In addition, the scope features a 4x zoom bringing you close to the target. This is an exposed target-style scope with elevation turrets for easy elevation dialing at long-ranges. In addition, the scope features a CRS Zero stop to allow shooters to get back into referencing zero after several revolutions. The scope also features pretty hard Armotek lens coating. They protect the lenses from dirt, dust, and scratches. The scope is also waterproof and fog proof for safe outdoor use.

12. Nikon Monarch 3 SF FFP M BDC

This is a premium quality riflescope with a unique BDC Distance Lock function in the FFP.  The lock function enables scopes to maintain scale and distance proportion when aiming at the target. Moreover, the scope features a Spot On the application that gives the same aiming point at different magnifications. The scope adjustments are pretty easy with a simple hand-turn of the reticle turrets. Furthermore, the adjustments are spring-loaded giving users instant zero-reset turrets. It is a decent quality glass with multi-layer anti-reflective compounds on the lens coating. This provides you with bright and vivid pictures. It also ensures optimum light transmission from dawn to dusk.

Overall, this is an optimized riflescope that works with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic aiming points. It is a perfect riflescope for 6.5 Creedmoor at any specified range. The Spot On Ballistic application is free and available on Android platforms, iPhones and most mobile devices. This is a ¼ MOA adjustable grad. The scope offers quick and easy eyepiece focus. It is also waterproof, shockproof and fog proof for long-lasting use.

13. Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x50mm

The Zeiss Conquest is a highly rated and recommended riflescope and one of the best picks in the industry. It is a leading scope with 3-15x50mm variable magnification. You can easily use this scope for both long-range and short-range shooting. Besides, the scope features capped turrets for easy operation. The capped turrets make it pretty easy to adjust the reticle position for precise shooting. This is a premium quality scope with a 1-inch tube diameter. Moreover, the scope design is pretty lightweight weighing a mere 24.7oz.

You can never go wrong with the Zeiss Conquest riflescope. It features high-quality images due to excellent brightness, clarity, and contrast. The Zeiss riflescope also features excellent lens coating to prevent damage. The T and Lot Tec coatings prevent scratches and dust on the lenses offering long-lasting use. In general, this is a pretty versatile scope that works in virtually any hunting situation. You can use it in the broad fields, heavy brushes, and alpine mountains. Besides, the low profile makes the scope pretty easy to carry and use anywhere.

14. Zeiss Carl Optical Conquest HD5 3-15×42

This is a German-made riflescope with the latest Germany technology. It is another excellent riflescope with T coatings for excellent lens protection. Besides, the scope features an HD lens system giving users bright and clear images. This is a special design riflescope with the Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle. It is a special design reticle that provides numbered holdover lines providing shooters with long-range shooting points of over 800 yards. This is a pretty dependable riflescope and one to use on daily hunting adventures. It is a tested and proven riflescope with very excellent features for easy use.

Moreover, the riflescope features a sleek and attractive black matte exterior finish. This is a lightweight and low-profile design riflescope that will not weight your gun down. It is easy to carry and mount on the AR15 and other firearms. You can also order with confidence as it comes with a massive 5-year limited lifetime warranty. It is a decent glass with constant eye relief even when you’re dialing magnification. This is an excellent feature rarely found on cheaper scopes. Besides, the side parallax adjustment works pretty easy. This is a clear glass with a neat and fit finish.

15. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night

The ATN X-Sight is one of the most-featured riflescopes on the list with a wide array of features. It is one of the few riflescopes with dual-stream video recording and a ballistic calculator. This allows you to hunt in a responsible manner. You can be sure of hitting your target each and every time you take a shot. Shooters and hunters can determine the exact ballistic by calculating and estimating for wind, range, temperature, angle to the target, humidity and multiple-weapon profile. This is an advanced riflescope with ultra HD Sensors. This is a cutting edge technology riflescope with 4-dual processors for millions of vivid colors and faster optics.

The fact that you can stream videos directly to your phone makes this riflescope a great pick. It makes your hunting experiences funnier and more enjoyable. In addition, the scope features a night vision mode for enhanced night vision. You don’t have to slow down your hunting activities during the night because of the dark. The scope also features a Recoil Activated Video, RAV. The feature allows for automatic video recording just before and after taking your shots. This way, you get to relax without worrying about missing any good moments. Overall, this is a great choice riflescope that will give you excellent value for your money.

16. Sniper KT 12-60X60 SAL

The Sniper KT is another premium long-range rifle scope with easy side parallax adjustment.  It is a simple yet highly functional riflescope to buy with confidence. Besides, the glass features a large 35mm tube diameter allowing for excellent light transmission.  In addition, the glass features an RG illuminated etched reticle. This riflescope is pretty easy to operate due to simply capped turrets. The scope turrets are easily adjustable with easy finger 1/8 MOA clicks. Furthermore, turrets adjustments can also be set to zero after sighting with ease.

Overall, this is a safe and durable riflescope with excellent construction. The scope is not just durable but also waterproof and fog proof. It is also resistant to shocks and can withstand minimal falls. The scope comes ready to use a sunshade, cleaning cloth and high-quality lens cap. It is nitrogen purged scope body riflescope and completely sealed O-ring. This means you can hunt anywhere at any time without worrying about the weather. The scope also comes with a lifetime warranty for confidence and worry-free buying.

17. NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 ZeroStop

This is one of the most versatile riflescopes out there and one that will serve you multiple uses. It is an all-around long-range riflescope. The riflescope comes packed with a wide array of features making long-range shooting fun and enjoyable. It features pretty sound mechanics and amazing optics. Moreover, the scope features standard patented Hi-Speed ZeroStop. This scope features both .25MOA with 30MOA per revolution and .1Mrad with 12 Mils per revolution. Moreover, the scope comes with a capped windage adjustment. This is an essential feature that prevents accidental adjustments in the field. Besides, the scope parallax adjustment features a marked number of distances that couple with the DigIllum digital reticle illumination.

Overall, this is a well-featured riflescope with enhanced engravings on the eyepiece. The scope supports faster diopter adjustments due to Xtreme Speed thread and a Power Throw Level. The features are perfectly paired with the reticle providing users with easy and precise adjustments. You can be sure of getting the bulls-eye target with ease. The scope is also waterproof, fog proof and shockproof hence suitable for harsh outdoor weather elements. It is a perfect riflescope with a 34mm tube diameter. The scope also weighs a mere 30 ounces hence easy to carry and mount if your rifle.

18. Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm

This is by far one of the best long-range rifle scopes and a great addition to our list. It is a specially designed scope for ultra-long ranges and long-range shooting. This is an ideal scope for bench rest shooters and hunters. It is a quality scope that meets the highest quality standards. Besides, the scope comes with a cleaning cloth, lifetime warranty and scope’s lens cover. It also features an adjustable eyepiece to allow for extra-fine focusing. You can easily adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity. The scope is a decent buy and one that comes highly rated.

Besides, the scope features turrets that are truly calibrated in .125 MOA which is equivalent to 1/8 clicks per turn. You can also reset the values to zero after sighting in making it easier to use the scope in a different scenario. Overall, this is a quality scope with a glass-etched illuminated reticle. This helps achieve maximum image and contrast in almost any lighting condition. The scope is also equipped with a coil spring plunger return thus maximizing tracking accuracy. You can always perform a Tracking test before using the scope.

19. Nightforce Optics 5.5-22×56 NXS

This is another excellent Nightforce riflescope to consider buying. It is a premium quality scope with a sleek black matte finish. The scope is pretty easy to use and setup saving you time. It features 100 MOA internal adjustment for easy reticle adjustment. Besides, the turrets feature a zero stop which makes it easier to reset the turrets after sighting your target. This is a premium quality riflescope with exceptional optical integrity. It is not just highly rated but recommended for use in most long-range shooting and hunting. The scope assures users of speed focusing and accurate shooting in a wide range of situations.

Besides, the scope has been rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards. It is an exciting riflescope with premium 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum material construction. This is a low-profile scope that feels pretty lightweight. It is also easy to mount on your rifle and comes with the necessary hardware for immediate use. Overall, this is one of the most advanced riflescopes ever produced for tactical shooting. It features an illuminated MOAR reticle which is the ultimate reticle for long-range shooting. Moreover, the scope features a pretty wide magnification giving precision accuracy at long ranges and effective power at short ranges.

20. Swarovski Riflescope Z3 4-12×50 BT

This is a pretty new design riflescope from a new brand in the industry but one to seriously consider buying. It is a pretty slim and lightweight design riflescope with a 1-inch diameter tube. This is a ballistic turret specially designed for long-range shooting. It is pretty easy to use, simple and practical. In addition, the scope features a pretty long eye relief making it a perfect choice when using bullets and rifles with big recoil. This way, you get to protect your eyes from any potential damage. It is a decent quality riflescope with ¼ MOA clicks at yards. This makes reticle adjustments pretty easy and precise. You can easily sight in on the target and reset the turrets to zero.

Overall, this is a perfect riflescope especially if you’re using the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges. Besides, mounting the scope on most traditional hunting rifles is pretty easy. However, you’re going to need extra-high scope rings to mount it on the newest rifles. It is a decent choice scope that works perfectly for 22-250 rifles. Moreover, the scope supports sighting at different ranges. This is a well-priced riflescope with exceptional quality and crystal clear glass.

21. Vortex Optics Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52

The Golden Eagle HD is a perfect design riflescope specially designed for bench rest shooters and competitive shooters in F-class. The scope also works for various other shooting disciplines at a specific distance. This is an advanced scope with a finely subtended reticle on the SFP and 1/8 MOA clicks to make turrets adjustments easy and subtle. In addition, the riflescope features a high-density apochromatic lens the produces sharp and clear images. This is a premium scope with anti-reflective XR lens coatings. The coatings provide maximum lens brightness at maximum magnification levels. It is a quality scope with side focus adjustment eliminating the need for downrange parallax.

The scope also features an aperture stop ring that broadens your depth. This is a great feature that allows one to observe wind indicators and mirage hence keeping the target on focus. Overall, this is a premium quality riflescope with a 30mm main tube. The scope features a single-tube aircraft-grade aluminum metal construction. It is pretty solid and resistant to shocks. The scope weighs a mere 29.5 ounces getting you within the strict competition rules. It is also waterproof and fog-proof due to O-sealed rings. A further Armotek lens coating helps protect the lens from scratch, dirt, and oil.

22. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T 4-16×44

The Vortex Optics is another excellent riflescope when you need to shoot at different ranges. It features a second focal plane reticle. The reticle is ideal when shooters and hunters need to extend their range of shooting. In such extended ranges, wind drift and bullet drop compensation are quite crucial for accurate shots. Besides, the Dead-Hold BDC reticle is pretty versatile when hunting or performing tactical shooting at different ranges. You don’t have to worry about estimating holdover at different ranges. This is an advanced optical system with quality XD glass construction. The glass renders a clear and sharp image for precise shooting.

Moreover, the scope lenses are multi-coated allowing the scope to capture natural light from dawn to dusk. This means you can use your scope for hunting early in the morning or late in the evening when light conditions are poor. The scope also features 4x zoom which pulls the target closers. Overall, this is a hunting and long-range shooting riflescope with exposed target-style turret elevations. It is pretty easy to operate and make turret adjustments hitting the target quickly and precisely. Besides, the scope features ultra-hard and scratch-resistant Armortek coatings to prevent any damage to the lens. It is also waterproof and fog proof withstanding harsh weather elements out there. The scope exterior features a hard-anodized black matte finish for long-lasting use and durability.

23. Schimdt & Bender 5-25×56 PM II LP

Schmidt & Bender is another exceptional quality riflescope to consider buying this year. It is a premium quality riflescope made to the highest Germany technology standards. The scope features an excellent 5-25x zoom magnification bringing targets closer and clearly visible. It also features a large 56mm objective lens diameter. The scope lenses are multi-coated and feature matched anti-reflective to offer bright and clear images. This is a pretty reliable riflescope with a wide field of view ranging from 15.9-4.5 at 100 yards. In addition, the scope features a P4FL illuminated low-profile duplex ranging reticle for precise shooting at long ranges.

Overall, this is a quality design scope with more tactile clicks function. The function makes it easier to adjust the reticle. You can clearly hear and count the clicks during the adjustment process making the entire process easy and quick. This is a durable riflescope with a large 34mm main tube and single-piece aluminum construction. The scope also features a black matte finish which is resistant to scratches, rust, and corrosion. In addition, the scope is nitrogen filled hence waterproof and fog proof.

You can never go wrong choosing a riflescope for long range shooting from our selections above. They are not just a highly rated riflescope for long-range shooting but tested and proven scopes from leading brands in the industry. The scopes come with excellent optic features for easy zeroing and shooting. Long range shooting s quite fun and gaining popularity. Make sure you get part of the fun by choosing a long-range riflescope today.

6.5 Creedmoor vs 308 WIN vs 30-06

If you’re into long range hunting or shooting, then you know caliber is everything. Depending on your need, these three calibers are perfect for long range shooting. The 30-06, 304 WIN and 6.5 Creedmoor are among the most used rifles for big game hunting. Debating and arguing on the best rifle is always a big debate in the US. When it comes to the best caliber for big game hunting, these three calibers usually come to mind. So, which is the best among the three for hunting?

The 30-06 Springfield is by far the oldest caliber and one that came to use in 1906 with the US army. The caliber was widely used in World War I and World War II. The caliber is known for its tremendous downrange power and very little recoil. After the war, most soldiers remained loyal to the cartridge and used it for hunting. However, with time solders wanted a more portable and easy to carry cartridge. The 7.62x51mm NATO Cartridge was developed and came to the market in 1952 as the .308 Winchester. The cartridge becomes so popular and was soon use din big game hunting.

These two cartridges remained popular in America with most big game hunters. This was before the 6.5 Creedmoor come into use. Initially, the Creedmoor was developed for long range tournament shooters. However, the attraction moved pretty fast to big game hunters. The cartridge had very little recoil than both the .308WIN and the 30-06 Springfield. While the power of the 6.5 Creedmoor is less, it features a better aerodynamic design which makes it fly through the air better. This makes the 6.5 Creedmoor perfect for aiming downrange.

Ballistic performances

In the grand scheme of things, the 308Win is a pretty decent performer. However, it is not the best when shooting at long ranges. At 500 yards, both the 308 and 6.5CM will split crosshairs. However, when you increase range, the 6.5 offers better resistance to wind drift. The 6.5 CM bullets are far cheaper when compared to the 308W.

In the end, these three cartridges are efficient and effective and big game hunting. They both work effectively and the best one comes down to what best works for you. Each bullet has its pros and cons and one must find what best works for them. However, both rounds are pretty common and used widely in hunting and in most shooting competitions.

How To Adjust A Scope For Long-Range Shooting

Adjusting a scope for long-range shooting is a bit meticulous as opposed to short range shooting. Long range shooting varies from 300 yards to over 1000 yards. You don’t want to make any errors with long-range shooting. Small errors at 100 yards might not be noticeable. However, the same cannot be said at 1000 yards. Below are the steps to follow when adjusting a scope for long-range shooting:

Mount the scope

This is your first step towards proper scope adjustment. If the scope is not mounted properly, then any adjustment will not lead to accurate shots. The scope needs to mount and be level with your rifle. It should also be stable to avoid any movement when taking a shot.

Make sure the vertical crosshairs of the scope are in line with the centerline of your rifle.

Adjust the eyepiece

The next step should be the adjustment of the eyepiece. You need to have a clear view through the eyepiece. Make sure there is enough eye relief to prevent damage due to firearm recoil.

Use a bipod stand

It might be a good idea to use a bipod stand for added stability. However, this is only possible when you plan to use the same position for a long period. Getting a bipod stand ensures you get a steady view of the target.

Check the turrets

Most scopes have turrets on them and yours probably has one. Make sure to check them and knowhow they work. They usually turn ¼ of an inch at 100 yards with each click of the turret turning the bullet ¼-inch towards impact spot.

The general formula is to keep ¼” at 100 yards and adjust accordingly. This formula helps one know the number of clicks to make to the left or right.

Let’s get on the adjustment

Now that everything is set up, it is time to start zeroing on your target. However, before you start aiming at 100 yards, start aiming at 25 yards. Get a paper target and set it at 25 yards.

NB: Before taking any shot, make sure you’ve taken necessary gun safety rules into consideration. The last thing you want is to shoot someone or yourself when practicing with your riflescope.

Once you’re sure you’ve taken all safety precautions (this includes using rubber bullets), aim and fire. Take note of where you hit the target. How far off or close was the bullet to the target? Once you’ve taken note, make click adjustments and aim again.

Repeat this until you have a clear shot on the target three times a row. You need to make sure you have accurate adjustments at 25 yards. Next, you need to move to 100 yards and repeat the same procedure. The formula works the same way. Aim at 100 yards and make turret adjustments.

Once you’ve hit the target at 100 yards three times in a row, you can move out and start practicing at long ranges. You need to practice at 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards.

Scope adjustments

The scope is adjusted using turret knows on the side and top. The top knob helps adjust the elevation. You can move the crosshairs up and down. On the other hand, the knob on the sides moves the crosshairs sideways towards the right or left. Turning the knob is pretty easy and can be done by hand. The knobs usually produce clicks which indicate a turn. However, some older scopes might require a pen or a small key to gently turn the knob.

The scope is adjusted towards the side where you missed the target. If the bullet missed towards the right, adjust for right. Adjustments are continuously done until the bullet hits the bullet-eye three times in a row.

How to use a scope for long range shooting?

The first step towards using a scope for long range shooting is getting the right scope. In fact, most rifles can shoot up to 1000 yards but not accurately without a proper scope.

Once you have the right scope, the next step is mounting the scope. You need to be able to mount the scope properly. The scope must be in level with your rifle. Proper scope alignment on your rifle is necessary if you’re going to shoot accurately.

You can then adjust the eye-piece and check the turrets. Once you’ve set everything, start practicing at 25 yards. You can then increase the range once you’ve hit the dead center three times in a row. You need to learn to adjust the side and top knob for precise shooting.

Long range shooting using a scope is all about keeping everything steady and stable. If you’re shooting from the same position for long periods, then consider getting a bipod stand. You also need to practice at different ranges to become an expert at zeroing at long ranges.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best riflescopes in the market for long range shooting. They are extremely durable riflescopes with excellent features for precise shooting. Besides, the scopes come from the leading brands in the industry giving users excellent value for money. These are premium quality riflescopes with quality glasses and ease adjustments. You can be sure of getting precise.

Whether you’re into long range shooting or tactical shooting, a quality scope is a must for accurate and precise shots. Analyze our top picks above and carefully choose one that best works for you. You can never go wrong choosing a long range riflescope when selecting from our exclusive list above.

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