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Best Night Vision Scopes – Recommendations and Reviews in 2023

Varmints often have an advantage over hunters who are utilizing a standard optic since they are nocturnal, at least till this point. To reclaim that edge, a wide variety of night vision scopes are becoming accessible.

With the use of infrared light technology, users may make the darkest of nights into days and effectively capture targets. And because of ongoing technological improvements, you can now get one of these excellent scopes at a very affordable price.

So let’s look at some of the best night vision scopes available today to make you a master of the night hunt. Keep reading to learn more!

Things to Consider when Buying Night Vision Scope

It is important to take into consideration some things when making your night vision scope purchase decision. You need to make an informed purchase decision regarding your choice of night vision scope. Below are things to consider when making your choice. Explore!

Laser/Infrared (IR) Illuminator

You may enhance the precision and dependability of your scope by using an IR illumination or laser. Even though the IR Illuminator is invisible to the human eye, it may significantly improve target illumination when used in conjunction with night vision. 

If you are hunting in dense woods or when the moon is not out, it is a lifesaver. Many hunters combine their night vision scope with a laser sight to create the best night vision scope for varmint hunting. This is an additional choice to take into account when buying a new scope. Some are even more practical because they already have these features built-in.


A useful indicator of an image’s quality is the generation (Gen). Budget scopes are part of Gen 1. So, if you’re seeking a cheap night vision scope, this is your best choice. Their capacity for light collection is based on more ancient technologies. They also only perform properly when there is sufficient light to gather, such as moonlight. But in the dark, these are ineffective.

Additionally, Gen 2 devices significantly improve on Gen 1 models thanks to an improved image intensifier with higher resolution and brightness. Although Gen 3 night vision scopes are the finest available for civilian uses. These offer the best image quality and resolution and can operate in total darkness.

Other Things To Consider

A person’s unique preferences ultimately determine the best night vision scope for the money. The greatest option for you may be a Gen 1 scope if you believe that less expensive is preferable. Remember that these are often the heaviest of the three varieties and may not have all the features you need. 

Variable magnification is another factor to consider in your night scope choice. Though a lot of night vision scopes come with fixed magnification, however, you may still find some that allow adjustments for long-distance use.

Its durability is a further consideration. Additionally, the ideal option if you frequently use your scope outside is to pick one that is waterproof, shockproof, and has protected outer lenses. 

Below, we will consider some of the 4 best night vision scopes for your money.

Best Night Vision Scopes – Our Recommendation

The best night vision scope does not have to be expensive and above your budget. The best night vision scope should be the ones that come with lots of features that fits your need. Among the several night vision scope, some stands out. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best night vision scopes you should try out today:

1. ATN THOR HD 384

One of the top night vision scopes available is the ATN ThOR HD384. This scope has been employed for both daylight and nocturnal hog, coyote, rabbit, and other game hunts. The Thor HD is still one of the most stunning scopes out there, even if you ignore the night vision feature.

The ThOR HD has a new Obsidian IV Dual-core processor and a 384×288 sensor. With the help of this enhanced core, you can see distant things clearly day or night. The lighted reticle of this scope will enable users to see clearly through fog and haze in complete darkness. The ThOR HD has built-in Wi-Fi streaming, High-Resolution HD Video Recording, and a massive replaceable SD card of 64GB. It instantly starts recording a video as soon as it detects a shot. 

The ThOR HD is ideal for extended hunting expeditions because most night vision scopes have 4-hour battery life. The eye relief varies between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, and the display is tiny, forcing you to keep your eye against the scope. It is quite easy to zero in all the needed data with the ATN Thor as you do not need to reset every time.

There are three different magnification settings available for this scope: 1.25-5X19mm, 2-8X25mm, and 4.5-18x50mm. The digital zoom on this scope is seamless, but as the magnification increases, the image can occasionally get hazy.

ATN ThOR HD has a built-in ballistic calculator and Smart Rangefinder to help you find your target for an accurate shot. If ATN is delivered damaged, you can return it and obtain a replacement under its 3-year guarantee.

A wonderful night vision scope for hunting coyotes, and hogs, is the ATN ThOR HD 384. Although it may have a few bells and whistles, it is unquestionably a great product worth the cost.


In addition to having excellent night vision, it can save up to five zero profiles, allowing you to swap between different weapons without having to change them. You receive a cutting-edge HD sensor with the Sightmark Wraith, which offers exceptional clarity. The 10 distinct reticle settings on this sight however, are its finest feature.

You may select the reticle that works best for you using this sight. Additionally, you may customize this scope to your heart’s content thanks to its 9 available color variations. You have the option of traditional green or black and white for night vision. Would you like to shoot throughout the day? There is also a full-color option for it.

The only drawback is that, because all reticle choices are the second focal plane, their sizes remain constant regardless of the magnification. Although it’s a little more difficult to see those far away objects, since this is mostly used for hunting up to 150–200 yards, there isn’t much of a concern.

The Sightmark Wraith is quite resilient and capable of withstanding some very challenging circumstances. Its body is made of sturdy metal, and it can withstand high and low temperatures. In case anything goes wrong, it also has a warranty. You don’t need to bother about any elevation or windage turrets because this scope is all digital.

You can get everything tuned in perfectly since the menu is incredibly simple to use and the UI is straightforward. The Sightmark Wraith can zoom and features a 2x optical system for up to 16x magnification.

The Wraith is a top-of-the-range rifle scope for use with a bolt action rifle or extra eye relief. Comes with an 850nm IR light for good viewing out to 200 yards. It’s detachable, so if you like, you may change to an IR light more suited for farther distances.

The Sightmark Wraith has all the features you want at an economical price in a night vision scope. Anytime during the night, you’ll be able to acquire a clear sight image, making it simple to bag your target. Additionally, you may record the entire search to demonstrate your skill!


ATN X-Sight 4K Pro is one of the best night vision scopes available for the AR-15. The dual WiFi streaming capabilities on your smartphone are excellent, to start. This scope has hit-or-miss results with the night vision camera. However, it has lots of amazing features to compensate for this. 

There are several color and pattern options available for the lighted digital reticle. Additionally, you may change each of these qualities for a variety of goals. Simply turn on the night vision in black and white and choose whatever color you want to illuminate the area of view with.

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro features a 3-inch eye relief to ensure a clear on-screen image. It’s weather and impact-resistant and comes with an internal lithium-ion battery that can last 18 hours on a single charge.

The scope has no physical turrets to turn because it is a digital scope. The Ballistic Calculator is one function that helps determine your range, windage, climate, target angle, and other factors. Through the smartphone app, you only enter your weapon profile and environmental information.

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro’s One Shot Zero function makes zeroing the simplest it has ever been. It adjusts with the reticle throughout the zoom range, making it simple to zoom in and out. The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro comes with a range of fantastic accessories including an IR850 infrared illumination, lithium-ion battery, and a sunshade. Included in the box are two normal rings, an L-shaped ring, a solar-lit lens cover, and a USB-C connection.

The digital night vision scope from ATN has excellent video quality so that you may review your greatest shots and share them with other hunters. ATN offers a two-year warranty on this scope. 


Firefield NVRS is the best night vision scope available for less than $500. Glass clarity is excellent, free of black spots, and well worth the cost. You could see and shoot clearly from 75 to 100 yards out in the night. The field of view is slightly constrained, this scope is intended for hunting rather than panoramic photography.

This device uses a red-on-green duplex reticle with variable illumination. It’s a regular fine crosshair that has a red LED shining on it. The target stands out a lot more thanks to the red crosshair. However, it will be challenging to sight in if the target is red. However, this won’t be an issue while hunting at night or for black targets.

The Firefield NVRS 342 is the first-generation scope with a green phosphor screen. This technique, which dates back to the Vietnam War, is still quite effective today.

Night vision scopes function best with your eye directly in front of the eyepiece, unlike ordinary scopes. The flexible rubber that surrounds the eyepiece serves to dampen any movement caused by recoil. The scope will be protected from severe weather by its titanium body and flip-up lens cover.

Only intended for use with night vision, this scope excels at it. The clarity is just mediocre and is more appropriate for use around dusk. Although it has a cap for use in the daytime, the scope is more suitable for night-vision use at the best possible resolution.

The quick-detach weaver mount makes it simple to switch lenses on the move and yet keep zero consistently.

Despite its adjustable nature, the poor installation might cause a lot of issues. The mount for your rail has to be adjusted. Push the fast-release cam’s opposing side to adjust. The adjustment latch will release a little cross. Adjust this until the scope is tightly mounted on your rail.

If you’re on a tight budget, this scope is excellent for nighttime hunting and home defense. The glass quality is superior to anything available at this price point, and the adaptable mount works with almost any arrangement. If you are looking for an inexpensive night scope with exceptional features, you should try out the Firefield NVRS.

Final Thoughts

Even if night vision lenses were first developed for military use, they have many practical applications for everyday life. There are Gen 1 and Gen 2 scopes that are great and provide you with more than you could need if you want to hunt at night. 

This review has succinctly explained and recommended 4 amazing night vision scopes you may find useful for your particular needs, regardless of the category you fall under. The review has also provided you with things to look out for while planning to purchase your ideal night vision scope.

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