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Best Nightstand Gun Safe

Best Nightstand Gun Safes: Keep Your Gun Close And Safe With The Best Nightstand Gun Safes 2022

When it comes to choosing a nightstand gun safe, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, what is the purpose of the safe? Are you looking for something to protect your valuables from burglars, or are you looking for a way to keep your firearms out of the hands of children?

Second, what is your budget? There are a variety of gun safes on the market, so you’ll want to make sure you choose one that fits both your needs and your budget.

Finally, what is your preferred style? Do you want a sleek and modern gun safe, or something a little more traditional?

Keep these factors in mind as you shop, and you’re sure to find the perfect nightstand gun safe for your home.

Best Nightstand Gun Safe – Our Recommendations

1. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

When you need a handgun that will offer you good value and security at an affordable price, get this Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe. What can I say? Fort Knox is known for making high-quality products, and this is not an exception!

Its thick steel body and wrap-around door make it impossible to break. Not only that, there is no way this handgun safe will get dent quickly! It is such a lovely product!

As much as the gas strut makes it easy to open the door of this safe, the heavy-duty tamper-resistant hinge also makes it impossible to attack. With its simple push-button, you can easily secure and keep your firearms safe without the fear of them getting compromised. No one stands a chance to open this safe behind you, its different combination passcode ensures that!

You can rely on this safe to keep your guns and valuables against any damages or scratches – thanks to its foam-lined interior! Besides, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and it passed all the necessary requirements of a firearm safety device! I’m pretty sure you will be impressed with this fantastic product!

2. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Smart Safe

Unlike Fort Knox Safe, Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Smart Safe is a modern-day safe that offers quick access to firearms, valuables, and documents when there is need to – its fingerprint scanner and backlit keypad ensured that. You will find this gun safe exciting and fun to use!

It is a portable gun safe that comes with upgraded anti-pry bars and anti-latches that prevent break-ins. Everyone will find this tough and rugged safe useful! Constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel, and has a powder coat finish that prevents it against corrosion.

Be rest assured your belongings will last long in this safe! With your smartphone, you can easily turn it on/off without tampering with the other cool features of this safe. Besides, this gun safe is powered by a rechargeable battery that can conveniently power it up to 4 months.

Also, its fast charging feature ensures the battery is fully charged in 2.5 hours! Isn’t that lovely? In a situation where there is low light, its responsive Led lighting makes this safe easy to locate.

The LED lighting also makes it easy to view the contents of the safe. Also, the LED can be customized to suit your taste!

3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe cannot be left out when it comes to reliable and responsive safe. It is a quality safe that will surely keep your firearms safe at all times! You will find it amazing!

There is no way you won’t be a lover of this fantastic product! Comes with a fingerprint scanner that keeps your valuables safe from unauthorized personnel. It also features a back-up entry keypad; just in case the fingerprint scanner fails.

Besides, it comes with an override key for advanced protection of your firearms. Its compression strut ensures you have fast access to your guns when the need arises. There is no way you would be disappointed by this safe!

Unlike Vaultek VT20i Biometric smart safe, its fingerprint scanner won’t fail you! It is just the right safe to keep your guns away from your kids. It works just as described!

Besides, it is bulletproof and fully powered by a battery. It is such a great product you cannot afford to miss!

4. SpeedVault Handgun Safe

For anyone who is looking forward to keeping valuables, documents, and firearms safe at home, get SpeedVault Handgun Safe. It offers the best security in the market! Manufactured by GunVault to secure your guns and keep them ready for action!

Its interior foam prevents rattling of your valuables. With its discreet and digital quick access feature, you get to enjoy fast access to your guns whenever you want! It comes with two override keys just in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.

There is no way someone is breaking into this safe behind you – its over 120 million different possible combinations of access codes made that possible.

Also, you will find it useful in a low light setting as it features an interior courtesy light. It also features LED low battery warning, and tamper indicator. You need to know it is battery powered!

Unfortunately, it does not come with battery, you have to get that yourself. It is an excellent product to keep a pistol and mags in a good position. You will definitely find it easy you, I can assure you that!

Overall, it is highly recommended!

5. V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Security Box

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Security Box will make you feel secure that no one will access your firearms, documents, and valuables without your permission! It can be easily mounted and will blend so well that no one will even notice it. It has distinct buttons, so you will surely know when they are engaged!

What’s not to love about this fantastic product? It features a quick-release system that allows you to mount the safe in a hidden location or your desired location. Not only that, but the quick release system also makes it a perfect safe to take with you when you are on the go!

For extra protection, it features anti-pry brackets! You should know that this safe is large enough to fit most of your handguns! You won’t be disappointed by this CA DOJ approved safe!

Unlike some handgun nightstand safe, you won’t need batteries to power up this particular product. Hence, there is no issue of dead batteries and corrosion. It does exactly what it is designed to do, you will surely love it!

6. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

First Alert is known for manufacturing top quality products. I can boldly say First Alert portable Handgun Safe is not an exception! This particular product is an ideal safe to protect and safeguard your firearms.

I am sure you will find this durable handgun nightstand safe that has foam-lined interior handy. Nothing protects your valuables as much as this Safe! For quick access in case of an emergency, it features a spring-loaded locking door.

In addition, the no-see passcode makes it a difficult safe box to breach! You can easily mount this safe box using the steel cable that comes with it. It is powered by battery! Fortunately, the batteries are included, you won’t need to get them yourself.

Also, this solid and reliable safe box has been approved by the California Justice Department. It is everything you need a safe to be! On top of that, you will find this top-notch safe very easy to use!

7. Reliancer Electronic Gun Safe

This carbon steel gun safe is what you need to keep your documents, firearms, and cash hidden and protected. As much as it keeps your handgun safe, it also allows quick access to them! You can rely on this product to perfectly safeguard your guns!

Be rest assured that this gun safe will conveniently secure your bigger ammo and handguns with its sizeable interior design! Even in the dark, its no-see keypad still makes this gun safe convenient to access! It won’t scratch easily, and it has a high resistance to corrosion.

It is such an excellent product that has a rapid pop-open door to provide fast access in case of an emergency situation. Apart from that, you will find it easy to install on your cupboard or closet as it comes with predrilled holes!

It also features a tamper alert system that alerts you after three invalid codes have been keyed in. that’s fantastic, I must say! Unlike most products, it comes with an instruction manual making it very easy to use.

Fully powered by battery! Yes, the batteries are included! Overall, it is an all in one gun safe that everyone needs to get!

8. Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady Gun Safe is the real deal! It is a fast and dependable gun safe that will keep your handguns safe when not in use. For quick and secure access, it comes with an RFID-enabled access method followed by a secondary entry method which is the keypad KP model.

It is convenient to use and features tamper-proof security for advanced protection for your firearms and important documents. Its touch-free entry distinguishes it from every other type of safes! For extra security, it features RFID which can easily be activated a wristband.

This great product has dual power-up method – you can use either battery or AC to power it up. The dual-mode power-up method ensures it is ready for use 24/7. Without any doubt, it is one of the bests out there!

With the cable that comes with it, you can mount this safe in any location of your choice without any stress. In addition, it is suitable for heavy-duty! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by this gun safe!

Also, there won’t be a need for you to remember any combination or make use of a key to access this safe, its RFID technology got you covered. It is highly recommended!

9. AmazonBasics Deluxe Firearm Safety Device

There are many safes out there, but this one is unique and special. Designed to keep all your valuables, firearms, documents safe and intact. The fingerprint lock ensures you have total control of this safety device.

It does not only keep your firearms safe; it also makes them easily accessible. For additional protection, it features a pry-resistant door that makes it highly resistant to unauthorized users! Strength and security are the best two words to describe this safety device.

I’m sure you will love this product! It has predrilled holes to make mounting to the floor an easy task! It also comes with a back-up key in case of an emergency situation. If you buy this product, you will enjoy a 1-year warranty from AmazonBasics.

This firearm safe can comfortably hold up to 50 individual fingerprints and has touch lifetime of about 100000 times. In addition, you don’t need a battery to power this great device! You can rely on this device to take care of your firearms, documents, and valuables!

10. Vaultek Essential Series Handgun Safe

If what you are looking for is a simple way to secure your firearms, Vaultek Essential Series Handgun Safe is precisely what you need! To access this gun safe, all you need is to make use of the backlit keypad. What if you forget the codes? Not too worry, the back-up keys got you cover!

Built with reliable and robust steel to ensure it is anti-pry resistant. With this handgun safe, there is no issue of breaking-in with external tools. It features predrilled mounting holes for secure and convenient mounting.

Unlike other types of gun safes, this particular product comes with its own mounting plate to allow quick removal when there is a need to move it to another position. Its interior LED light makes it suitable for use in a low-light environment. You also need to know it has a backlit that makes it easy to navigate at night!

You won’t be disappointed with this great product. The rechargeable lithium battery keeps this safe power up for about 4 months, and it only takes about 2.5 hours to get it fully charged. Isn’t that great? If you buy this great product, you would surely be happy and impressed!

11. Vaultek Slider Series Handgun Safe

For anyone who is looking for a way to keep firearms out of wrong hands and deploy it in fractions of a second when there is need for them, Vaultek Slider Series Handgun Safe is the surest way! You will find it quite easy to set up this safe on nightstands, desks, and on vehicles.

With its proprietary mounting plate, you will enjoy various mounting options which include the VESA standard fitment. Its non-absorbent interior preserves and keeps your firearm and extra magazine intact. You will surely be impressed by this excellent quality product!

Its integrated smart technology ensures you enjoy the highest level of security. In addition, you can also access this safe with your smartphone! Viewing of safe history, checking of power level, tampering detection doesn’t get done easier than this!

For a clear view of your valuables inside this safe, there is an in-built adjustable LED light! It is a long-lasting safe you can rely on – its rechargeable battery ensured that! It will be a great gift for your friends.

12. RPNB Portable Security Safe

For an effective way to secure your handgun, get yourself RPNB portable security safe! It is a well-built security safe designed to keep your firearms in good working condition at all time. It is the perfect way to keep your guns away from kids who don’t understand the danger of firearms.

An amazing product that offers you quick access to your firearms in case of an emergency situation. Its spring-loaded door also contributes to the fast access of your guns anytime you want to. You will find it suitable for long term purpose!

With this particular gun safe, there is no need to worry about corrosion as it is corrosion-resistant. Due to its black finish, you will find it quite easy to incorporate it in any position of your choice! It also features predrilled holes to ensure quick and convenient installation.

If you buy this product, you will enjoy 1 year of warranty! Don’t be surprised by how good this security safe is when you eventually got one for yourself!

13. Moutec Biometric Gun Safe

Without any doubt, Moutec Biometric Gun Safe was designed to comfortably secure your firearms. With this gun safe, you get to enjoy three modes of access which are the fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad, and spare keys.

The extra keys ensure your loved ones can access the content inside it when there is need to.

Made with top-notch steel material to serve you well! With this safe, maximum protection against break-ins is guaranteed! Its durable internal coating makes it corrosion resistant. You will find it suitable for keeping your valuables for a very long period!

Surely, it will keep your valuables, firearms, and essential documents protected at all times. For fast access, a simple touch is all you need! Its backlit keypad removes ensure convenient access in a low light environment.

It also features a silent mode in case you need to access your firearms without disturbing anyone! For easy mounting, it features predrilled holes! In addition, it is pry-resistant, and it is suitable for heavy-duty.

Besides this sturdy gun safe is easy to program! What else are you waiting for? Get one for yourself!

14. BILLCONCH Pistol Safe

With BILLCONCH Pistol Safe, you will surely be satisfied as it can be accessed by four different ways – key, password, biometric, and Bluetooth unlock. It provides convenient access to your firearms anytime you need them!

With the fingerprint unlock features, it only takes about 0.1 seconds to unlock the safe! In addition to that, the safe can conveniently store up to 20 different fingerprints. It is fully powered by a rechargeable battery and has a low battery reminder.

Once the Bluetooth app is connected, you can manage the unlocking fingerprints, and carry out some other cool tricks without any stress! It is such a durable gun safe for long term use! With its silent mode feature, you are free to access your firearms without waking or disturbing anyone!

Another good thing about this gun safe is that it comes with instructions on how to operate it. That’s lovely, I must say!

The backlit of this safe makes it very convenient to use in a low light environment! Also, the inbuilt LED light makes sure the content of the safe can be viewed without any hassle. It is a great product you can’t afford to miss for anything!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Nightstand Gun Safe

After reviewing the 14 best nightstand gun safes, I would like to quickly introduce you to some vital factors you also need to put into consideration in other to make appropriate decision!


There are different manufacturers, size, features, and brand of nightstand gun safe. As a result of that, the price of each will differ. You must put your budget into consideration before making a selection.

Weight and Size

Depending on your firearms, the weight and size of the nightstand gun safe also matter. A heavy safe would be difficult to carry around and vice-versa. You should go for a size that can conveniently accommodate your firearms and accessories.

Value of Your Item

You should put into consideration how valuable and vital your firearms and accessories are. If they are crucial to you, you will surely need to go for a nightstand gun safe with advanced features and vice-versa. Hence, the value of your item will undoubtedly influence the type of safe you should go for!


How frequently should my gun-safe batteries be changed?

Even though there is no specific way to determine how frequently you should change your batteries. I suggest changing them at least every 5 months, or whenever they are low!

My batteries don’t last, why?

This might be as a result of the battery type. I suggest you get yourself alkaline batteries with a lifespan of about 5 years.


As for me, I will choose Moutec Biometric Gun Safe over others because it is suitable for heavy-duty, and offers maximum protection against break-ins! Apart from that, I find it ideal for keeping valuables for a very long period!

Do you have any experience to share? You a question to ask? Do you have any other nightstand gun safe you want to review? Your comment below won’t go unnoticed!

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