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Best Rimfire Scopes – Top 11 Recommendations and Reviews 2023

The best rimfire scope is a tough question to answer. Many factors come into play when trying to decide what the best scope for your rifle might be. You should consider many things before buying a new scope, and we will walk through each of them in this post. We hope that you’ll have a better idea of how to choose your next rimfire optic by the end of it.  

Buying Guide For Your .22Lr Rifle 

In this article, we will be looking at different kinds of scope and their various prices. Then, whichever option you are looking for whenever you plan on choosing a scope for your rifle, we will be looking at a rundown of some essential features that can make a scope the best option for your .22 LR rifle. 

One of the vital features you have to look out for when selecting a scope for your .22 LR rifle is its lightweight characteristics. Since the .22 LR rifle comes with around 5pound, it won’t be a good idea to equip it with heavyweight optics. The heavyweight optics causes the rifle to lose its balance, making the rifle lack good accuracy. As a result, it’s not going to serve you well when hunting small games.

In terms of magnification, it will be a wrong decision to make use of his 16 magnification power scope on your .22 LR rifle. Instead, consider 3-9x or 2-7x options of power scope for your rim rifle. 

You shouldn’t go for one with elevation and windage adjustability of over 100 yards when acquiring reticles since bullet drops can occur within this range. Likewise, very bright reticles are not the best options because too much brightness can make it challenging or impossible to spot targets.

Adjustability is also essential for the shooter to adjust the scope’s parallax to ensure precision when aiming at very small targets. The adjustable parallax is available to assist with picture clarity and shooting precision when aiming at your target.

In terms of the lens size, avoid anything less than 32 mm. It is because lenses less than 32 mm produce low-quality image sighting when aiming at your target. At the same time, lenses of over 40 mm will weigh down your .22lr rifle.

Any good scope can produce the right results; however, it is best to go for scopes best suited for your .22LR rifle because they have the right precision and calibration for your basic .22 rounds.

Our Recommendations for Rimfire Scopes

Bushnell Optics Dropzone 22 BDC (The Best Option for 22lr)

A long time ago, the 22 Rimfire Scopes consisted of a primary tube of ¾ inches and various elevation and windage adjustable settings. Fast-forward to 30 years later, and you’ll discover there’s been a whole new change with this scope. It has become a premium Rimfire scope that boosts a primary tube of 1 inch like the centerfire rifle options. Since this scope has an upgraded Rimfire system, let’s explore it. 

The primary 1-inch tube made from alloy is an essential one-piece structuring of this product. It consists of open target turrets that deliver the best target acquisition and precision for long-range shooting.

Easy to use ½ MOA adjustable turret features for elevation modifications and fast zeroing per the shooter’s requirement. Once the BDC reticle secures the right zero, it is primed and activated for the Rimfire. You can use this scope to carry out your test shooting across different ranges with the help of the center crosshair rings that run from up to bottom. 

The side face focus adjustment feature is another remarkable innovation that assists with controlling parallax and focus precision for the eye. It also comes with a 2 – 7 x 32 power setup that enables you to utilize ranges within the capacity of the 22LR rifle. The transmission of light on this scope is excellent, and the focus quality is exceptional. 

Nikon P Tactical Scope (Best Suited for 22lr)

Today, Nikon has one of the best glass in the market since they couldn’t lose to their scope competitors. Nikon created the Nikon P Tactical Scope to contend with Leupold’s VX Freedom scope. Their glass quality has made them one of the top scope manufacturers in the business for a long time now. They’ve also gone ahead to add to the features of their products by upgrading their turrets to have an instant zero-reset that relies on no tools. 

BSA Sweet Rimfire Scope

For many years BSA Sweet 17 scope worked perfectly with the Ruger M-77, 17 HMR. Similarly, the device is an excellent weapon to catch small animals as the turret changes after every shot.

Another feature that makes the product stand out is the 1/4 MOA adjustable turret settings and 1-inch tube. Similarly, you can place the BSA scope on a 17 HMR and enjoy a better hunting experience.

Previous models of this scope have delicate features, so the manufacturers ensure the new version provides both green & red reticle and etched glass. However, BSA is not a conspicuous quality optic gadget but an appropriate buy option if adequately managed. Furthermore, users enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. The price of the BSA rimfire scope changes, so always check for the new amount.      

Primary Arms 6x ACSS

Primary Arms ACSS is available for a considerable price, but if you want it for half the current price, then you might give up the illumination and variable magnification. If you use the BDC under 10x, the device will be appealing, but the optic might not shoot above 200 yards. Thus, any prey within 200 yards is an acceptable target. 

If you want an excellent device that saves weight and money and is available at a pocket-friendly price, simply choose this fixed magnification scope because it is durable with clear and bright glass. In addition, it is simple to operate. Always check for changes in the price of the  Primary Arms 6x ACSS because it varies.

Leupold VX Freedom Rimfire

There you have, Leopold comes out again with the VX freedom Rimfire, which has become one of the most sought-after low-tier market optics available today. It comes with a magnification of 2-7x and a very clear glass quality with ample eye relief. It has a fantastic rimfire reticle that produces remarkable results with the 1 MOA hash mark and 25 MOA, making maximum magnification possible. It enables shooters to shoot from the ranges of 50 – 200 yards in the absence of adjustability. So if you’re aspiring to hit the mark at 200 yards with your rimfire, this 22LR rifle scope is the best option to get the job done. 

Nikon Prostaff Scope for Rimfire 

Since Rimfire has upgraded its scopes to 1-inch tubes designs, we now have various system options available for every shooter. Since the upgrade of 22LR rifles, the Nikon Prostaff has become a suitable option for shooting tasks. The Nikon Prostaff comes with an objective lens of 40mm, and of course, you already know about its primary 1-inch tube design. These features make this scope the perfect option for long range shooting, varmint hunting, and the primary target practice.

The glass is top quality since it is a middle range scope for long-range shooting, which is a likely option on every shooter’s wish list. Since it has an armored car-like structure, you can be assured that it can take any beating thrown at it; even high recoiling is welcome. It is very much expected from the Prostaff series.

It comes with a 150 BDC reticle specially crafted for Rimfire shells and a multiple-coated lens. It is the reason why it can match the rimfire’s sub-tension. It also has shockproof, waterproof, fog-proof capabilities, sealed O ring, and Nitrogen purged. Lastly, a lifetime warranty is also available.

Barska 6-18x40mm BDC Rimfire Scope

Barska is an interchangeable rifle scope that has numerous large centerfire rifles and 30 Winchester Mag. Although suitable for 22 Rimfire rifles, it contains bug rifle features. For long-range practices, the user can adjust the lens for parallax settings correction, and the scope can change trajectory from 100 to 300 yards with the simple dial-up system. Barska scope best suit 17. HMR but workable on other Rimfire rifles.

It has a great size optic that takes recoil or sight changing for the target range. Among other companies in a similar niche, Barska provides quality manufacturing with better price points.

Primary Arms 1x6x24 ACSS

 Currently, Primary Arms creates one of the best reticles a 22LR can use in Texas. The scope manufactured in China lacks quality glass like the Leupold and Nikon, but the shooter will enjoy excellent features like the adjustable parallax, 30mm light tube, and illuminated reticle. The tube ensures 15% more incoming light, so the scope remains competitive in the market.

The combined 1-6x power advance sighting system enables holdover and fast ranging as the hunter can use the one power for close target shots like raccoons and rabbits while the 6x is for shots more than 200 yards. However,  the parallax setting adjustment is not the only feature that makes the device effective, and if properly managed, users can enjoy the gadget in different scenarios.

Crossfire 2 Vortex Optics

The Crossfire 2 is compatible with various kinds of rifles. It is capable of reticle method selection and long eye relief retainment. Some reticle selections include 3 – 9 x 50 v bright Illuminated MOA, 2 – 7 – 32 Dead hold BDC MOA, 3 – 9 x 40 Dead hold MOA and 2 – 7 x 32 Rimfire v Plex MOA.

In case of low light conditions, you can utilize a red dot together with this rifle scope. It’s best suitable for hunters whose hunting timing is between dusk and dawn. The glass of this scope is imbued with top quality. The pictures always return with high clarity. There are no color setbacks, blurs, or spotting of flat spots when you’re aiming for a range that’s over 500 yards. The results are pretty cool. 

The single tube structure used by the producer ensures this product retains its sturdiness and durability. Other exceptional qualities besides the glass quality are the eye relief retention and click adjustability for the Elevation and windage. It would help if you considered the crossfire 2 as a top-quality option for your Rimfire rifle.

Vortex Diamondback BDC Scope for Rimfire

Vortex is not as prominent as the other companies mentioned; however, it has excelled in producing some of the best quality scopes in the optics business today. The manufacturer made sure this product came with a Primary 1-inch tube specially designed for Rimfire rifles. One of the primary reasons the vortex diamondback back maintains the same pedigree with other higher caliber options.

The 35mm reticle it comes with makes it a suitable option for a 22 Rimfire rifle, and the V Plex reticle makes it a scope capable of handling general ranges. The one-unit primary tube it comes with is what gives its durable characteristics. You can use it for various field activities; it doesn’t matter how roughly it is handled; it always retains its good condition. The vortex diamondback also has an O ring seal; argon purged characteristics, fog proof, waterproof, and a lifetime warranty.

Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40

Simmons 8 point is the best scope for the right price. It contains 2-9x magnification, 22LR turret tracks, and finger adjustable beneath the protective caps. For a better shooting experience, simply adjust the device to zero CCI Mini mags, and you don’t need any other adjustment, irrespective of the shot rounds. Simmons 8 point is a good scope if you want a fun and generic workhorse in a single piece.

Although the 22LR Rimfire has power and numerous features, reviews show that when using it to target prey within 100 yards, it loses one-third of its energy and might be falling in some instances. If your purpose is for shooting critters or training, you don’t need to spend any amount acquiring more magnification. However, if the reverse is the case, a red dot is suitable.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

The Bushnell Trophy scope is typical within the city because it is cheap and provides better value. You can get this perfect red dot for 5 boxes of 22LR price. Furthermore, the 3 MOA option indicates that users can zero within 75 yards and hit the target with no adjustment.

If you don’t care about magnification and would like to control pests in your environment, try these optics. In other words, it is an incredible red dot sight that works seamlessly on 10/22 or AR-15 but doesn’t have the durability of EOTech, Holosun, or Aimpoint.

Bushnell TRS-25 includes a 1/3 co-witness mount as well as an absolute mount. This optic can be taken out of its box and mounted to a 1913 Picatinny Rail with no adapters or mounts. All you need is an Allen wrench. The mount is also included. Although it is pretty heavy, the mount comes with no cost. The integrated weaver mount lets you attach the optic to any Picatinny 1913 rail without any attachments or risers.

Magnifications Best Suited For Rimfire Scopes

The first thing to consider before moving forward is to understand the meaning of magnification. Say, magnification is the optics ability to enlarge images. To get the right magnification, You need to select the shooting range that you are familiar with.

Close Range (Less than 50)

Close range is best suited for the 22 LR rifles. So if you are the kind of person who’s into short-range shooting, you might want to consider having a magnification of 1-4x power. Optionally you can use a red Dot for the quick target precision of your Rimfire rifle.

Medium Range (From 50 – 100 yards)

The medium-range is common with so many 22 LR rifle shooters, especially those who are into game hunting. For this range, you might want to consider having a magnification of 4-7x power. The best option for this is a 4x LVPO (Low Power Variable Optics). 

Long Range (Over 100 yards)

Over 100 yards is not a typical range for everyone; however, in most cases like competitive shooting, there’s always a possibility to go over 100 yards. A situation like that will require you to use a magnification that reaches up to 7x. 

Getting the right scope suitable for your 22LR rifle is as crucial as getting the proper magnification and the precise shooting range. If you choose what’s not right for your rifle, you might get the wrong magnification and the wrong shooting range, producing the wrong shooting results. 

For the right combination of magnification and range, you can try “medium + long-range.” However,  we recommend you make use of a low powered scope for easy magnification adjustability. So now you are ready to find out which scope is best for your .22 rifle.

Final Thoughts

Rimfire scopes should be used for hunting, target shooting, and plinking. It would be best if you had a durable scope to take on the tough conditions you may face when using your rimfire rifle. The best rimfire scope will have no issues with fogging up if it’s exposed to moisture or rain. When it comes to choosing your new optic, be sure to check out all of these top 12 lists before making up your mind!

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