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10/22 Ruger scopes

Best Scopes For Ruger 10/22 – Top 8 Recommendationns & Reviews 2023

The Ruger 10/22 is a .22 caliber semi-auto rifle with design and functionality that makes it perfect for the hunter, plinker, and target shooter. There are hundreds of different models to choose from, but with so many options, you might not be able to decide which one is best for you! Here we will explore some of the most popular models available on the market today and what each model offers in terms of features and benefits. 

The first thing to look at when deciding on a scope for your Ruger 10/22 is magnification levels. The higher the magnification level, the more accurate your shots will be, which could mean better hunting results or increased accuracy while shooting targets.


Models with gold bead front and versatile rear sights, such as the OG standard and the renowned Ruger 10/22 Carbine, are exemplary if you do not need to fire very far with excellent precision. Still, they are not available on other models. A scope is required for some versions, such as the 10/22 Compact, the 10/22 Tactical, and the 10/22 Competition, which comes with no sights. 

To accommodate 22 tip-offs and  Weaver-style scope mount, all except the Ruger 10/22 Competition have a combined scope mount attachment. There’s the Weaver on the left and Picatinny on the right. What this means is that 10/22 almost cries out to you for a scope. Incorporate a scope into it because it is a fine-accuracy rifle.

Comparing the Red Dot and the Ruger 10/22 Scope

Red Dot Sight

Red dot sights are basic optical devices that provide a magnification of one power (or 1x). The reticle is made up of a green or red dot in the middle of the scope’s lens. Because it is vivid and visible, traveling to your target is lightning speed. In addition, a red dot can be used while keeping both eyes wide open. Thus, immediate target engagement is made more accessible, and your field of vision is fully utilized. Red dots are small and portable and are used in conjunction with iron sights. Using both eye sights for witnessing makes it possible to shoot across any angle, which aids in acquiring your target. For the most part, a red dot is best used in confined spaces or near range.


As previously mentioned, the most significant disadvantage of a red dot sight is its 1x magnification, which limits its use to close-range firing.

A magnifier is required if you intend to utilize a red dot for long-range and mid-range purposes. However, it might turn out to be a costly process.

Red dots also have the drawback of being ineffective for those with astigmatism. Because astigmatism distorts the red dot, it will appear blurry to you. It may have degraded to the point that it is no longer useful to anyone. However, if your image is a little hazy, it will have an impact on your precision.

Magnification Scope

You can get closer to your target by using an LPVO (low-power variable optic), a type of scope. Based on your preferences, they are available in various magnifications that are either permanent or adjustable.

The Innovative reticles on the scopes allow you to hit targets at a remarkably accurate distance for the weapon you are using. In addition, to make the most of your shooting options, they allow you to fire at short and long ranges.


Short-range LPVOs are slower than long-range LPVOs. Therefore, it will take much longer to arrive at your destination compared to a red dot. This might be a significant problem if you are searching for scopes to use in short-range battles or personal protection. Another issue is that such scopes are far more cumbersome than a red dot rifle scope. 

This additional weight can be a hindrance if you are moving swiftly or carrying a lot of things. In addition, unlike the red dot, which would not suffer from parallax, LPVOs are susceptible to problems with motion blur. However, their parallax is normally set or may be adjusted by a knob on the side.

What’s the Best Option for a Ruger 10/22?

It is a personal choice that relies on the regularity of your use. If you are into wildlife hunting, target practice shooting, or want additional options, an LPVO (which I will describe in more detail below) is a great option. However, if you want to use your 10/22 for target practice or personal protection at distances under 50 yards, a red dot is the better option.

What is the Required Magnification?

We have said it before, and we will say it again, if you are looking for the ideal range, you should aim for the lowest magnification possible so that you can see your target as clearly as possible. The correct magnification makes it possible for you to get the right results.

What you want to do with the scope is also important. Magnification requirements vary depending on whether you are a hunter or a target shooter. For example, if you are hunting at a distance of over 500 yards, you will need a magnifying glass with a resolution of at least 10x that can sight anything.

If you are only going to be hunting within 500 yards, a 3-9x will suffice. However, even at 100 yards, if you are target practicing, you will need more magnification for absolute precision on a lesser target than hunting.

Another consideration is what you are looking for. For example, it is possible to utilize a lower magnification while shooting at a larger target since there is more surface area to hit.

Sport shooting calls for a scope that can be zoomed further while still producing a good image; therefore, that is what you want. It is considerably simpler if your objective is stationary. Magnification up to 23x is possible while firing at a static target since you can preserve clarity much more easily.

Our Recommendations for Ruger 10/22 Scope

Most scopes and red dot sights in this writeup are hand-tested and work well. Therefore, after you finish reviewing the below content, you will find which fits your needs.

Sig Sauer Romeo5

In terms of red dot sights, the Sig Sauer Romeo5 is head and shoulders above the competition. Since they are so good and so cheap, you might want to think of installing one on your home defense firearms.

Clear as crystal, these glasses’ lenses have no haze or haze on them. It is on an equal level with Aimpoint H-1 in regards to glass clarity. The glass coating used by sight is Spectracoat, an ultra-wideband and anti-reflective, which reflects virtually no surface reflections. It offers impressive light transmittance and outperforms sights that are two to three times as expensive. Only while gazing through the lens can you see the red dot, which is sharp and clear. The red dot’s color, size, and luminance may all be customized. A doctor’s visit may be necessary to check for astigmatism if your red dot seems blown out or distorted.

If your red dot will not turn on when you first unwrap it, touch the (+) toggle for 3 to 4 secs to get it to work. This step is not part of the user guide. As far as the Night Vision and Brightness capabilities go, that is where the true magic lies. One set is for daylight, while the other two are for low-light conditions best for night visions. As a result, the sight may be used in almost any situation, regardless of lighting. The red dot continues to remain visible even in the middle of the day.

The red dot may be a bit large for highly accurate shots, but it might be ideal for most people’s requirements. It is a great red dot sight for new shooters, especially those starting.

This scope incorporates Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC), which saves battery life by turning off the system when not being used. Vibrating or motion triggers the device’s reactivation. It’s so perceptive that even a little knock on the ground activates it. Unlike old-school iron sights, you will not have to fiddle with it since it will always be ready when you need it. The sight comes to life in less than a tenth of a second. As a result, it has the fastest target acquisition time in the industry.

There is no limit to how far your eyes can travel when looking at this sight. However, a little cutout on the left side restricts how much the optic obstructs your view when using the red dot with both eyes open. As a result, mounting options are virtually limitless because the availability of specific recoil configurations will not constrain you.

The turrets for elevation and windage are incredibly simple to use. You can adjust the dials by switching the screw-on covering over. As a result, even if you lose your screwdriver, you can still make modifications. Even after extensive use and abuse, including the discharge of hundreds of rounds and multiple barrel dumps, it still had no ammunition in it.

This sight does not come with any magnification, but you can easily add one. A regular co-witness height magnification will suit the Sig Sauer Romeo5, as will any acceptable alternative. There is some parallax in the view, but as long as you keep your cheek weld tight, you should be okay.

This scope is very robust, especially when paired with a high-capacity battery. In addition, it is shock-resistant, water-resistant, and also possesses weatherproof characteristics.

IPX-7 indicates you shouldn’t be concerned about any water leakage if it is submerged in water. When it is -40 degrees outside, are your hands completely frozen? If so, it is working perfectly. At 140 degrees, you are drenched in sweat from head to toe. It is a good system. No matter what you throw at it or where you toss it, this sight will put in the hours.

Mounts & Rings

Mounting choices are endless with this sight, which features an incorporated M1913 Picatinny Low Mount Riser. The co-witness riser measures 1.41 inches, and batteries are included. The provided bikini cover is well-made and fits well to protect your lens.

There are better alternatives out there, but the Sig Sauer Romeo5 accomplishes what it ought to do exceptionally well. Because of the MOTAC functionality, it is ideal as a personal defense rifle or for hunting situations when you require a swift response.

There are no compromises in this sight’s features, and it is only a fifth of the price of comparable models. There is no better red dot sight under $200 than the Sig Sauer Romeo5.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is the most cost-effective red dot for a Ruger 10/22. Getting one for your muzzleloader will also be a great option.

For the cost, the clarity of the glass is exceptional. For the price, the multi-coated lens is a significant upgrade over a red dot. The lens has an anti-reflective red/orange coating called Amber-Bright High Contrast Lens Coating.

Glade is reduced because of the lens’s mirror coating, which has a frosted look to it. This feature is astonishing for a lot of gun enthusiasts there. For the price, the red dot is fantastic.

The objective lens seems to be skewed due to its placement away from the user’s line of sight. Using this, you can use your LED as a dot by reflecting light from the LED back into your field of vision.

The red dot is little and distinct. As long as it is not too big, you can still see your target. There are 11 brightness levels for the 3 MOA reticle. Even in the least setting, it is brilliant at night, and the high settings make it even more effective in full daylight. This red dot is razor-sharp between levels 1 and 6, although it can get a touch blurry above that. While shooting, it is best never to use the highest ISO level because it turns out to be so bright out.

The eye relief on the scope is infinite. Because it is not magnified, you will still require your glasses. However, the eye relief is generous, making the two-eye operation a straightforward process. There is no difference in how close you are to the scope; it would all appear the same to your eye.

This sight does not come with a magnifier, but installing one is no big deal. My UTG 3x Magnifier goes along with it. Using the two together saves money.

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 features no parallax defect in the horizontal or vertical axes, which is unusual for a red dot in this price category.

To clarify that this scope has weatherproof characteristics, it is weatherproof. There is no way to get water in or out of this scope. Because the optics are O ring enclosed, even when completely submerged, the whole interior of the optic remains dry.

It is also totally fog-proof. Internally, the scope has nitrogen, which helps maintain the optical surfaces clear in humid conditions or during fast temperature shifts. For the low cost, the weatherproofing on this scope is excellent.

Bushnell claims 3,000 hours of battery life. But I highly recommend a spare CR2032 battery to power the red dot. Experiencing a dead battery is something you should avoid at all costs.

For deer hunting enthusiasts, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 can become an essential scope for when it comes to quick target acquisition. Although it is an excellent red dot for forest hunters, gunmen, and self-defense weapons, it is also very reasonably priced. This red dot has excellent optics and resolution for the price.

Finally, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is the greatest red dot a budget-conscious shooter can get without spending a fortune. You’ll have no qualms about purchasing one.

Mounts and Rings

Picatinny rails work perfectly with this sight. Unfortunately, the lens cover that came with the scope was shaped like a bikini bottom and made of rubber. So even though it got the job done, it is a bit on the cheap side.

Burris FastFire III

When it comes to simple rifle scopes, the Burris Fastfire III is the clear winner. It increases the accuracy of shots by at least 2x. What makes it effective is as follows:

The glass of this optic is very transparent, making it simple to see your target. The excellent optical class enhances brightness and clarity, and the Hi-Lume multilayer coating reduces glare. This red dot scope is available in two different focal lengths: 3 MOA and 8 MOA. For pinpoint precision, a 3 MOA scope is the perfect size for a variety of gun options.

Burris Fastfire III affords users the chance to shoot with both eyes opened due to its unlimited eye relief. This is an excellent option as your mounting options are limitless.

Parallax is a common feature even among the most beloved aim points. The Fastfire III is no exception. I was able to aim with deadly accuracy at the center of the red dot, thanks to the 1x magnification.

Fastfire III has windage and elevation adjustments that are extremely easy to use. The elevation adjustment has a total capacity of 115 MOA, and the windage adjustment has 86 MOA. The top-access battery cover also means you don’t need to re-zero every time you change your battery.

Fastfire III uses a standard CR1632 watch battery and the auto-off function after 8 hours helps extend the battery’s life. It is a solid build and also waterproof. The optic has an angled roof design to keep water out of sight. This is an excellent feature for shooting in light rain. In addition, it is lightweight and sturdy, making it ideal for handguns, shotguns, or tactical rifles.

Mounting & Rings

The optic includes a Picatinny mounting. Although the optic can be used with almost any optics-ready gun like the Mini 14, the provided screws may not be long enough for all handguns. The unit comes with a star driver to tighten the screws and a decent micro wrench to adjust windage and elevation.

A snap-on hood covers the optic and protects it. This provides additional protection to the sight and blocks out the midday sun, so you can still shoot even in bright sunlight.

Redfield Revolution 2-7×33

This great-looking 2-7x33mm scope is an affordable and fantastic option for you. Although not perfect, it is an excellent choice. Either as a deer or squirrel hunter, you can use the 10/22 scope available for under $200 to hit your target. The scope holds at zero, has eye relief, and is durable.

The reticle clarity is 100%. The absolute light transmission is with the assistance of the multi-coat lens and provides see-through colors and shapes of prey when hunting at dusk or dawn. You don’t have to worry about deciphering a hazy lens with the scope clarity. The Accu-Range reticle makes it easy to view prey through the crosshair center, which provides confidence and efficiency for first-time shooters. If your game or target is within 200 yards, you can use this duplex reticle.

Similarly, you can use it as your hunting reticle and choose Mil-Dot reticles for distance practice. But, again, the truth is the combination of an Accu-Range reticle and glass clarity helps to save energy during shooting instead of coming home worn-out during the course.

The scope retains a 3.7 to 4.2 inches eye relief depending on your mount preference. This effect ensures safe eye relief, making it an appropriate option for rifles. 

The windage turret & elevation are fine and well reliable. There are 65 MOA of the 1/4 MOA click of elevation adjustments and windage. You can use the imperial measurement system or MRAD as the presence of turrets in the MOA makes the scope an excellent choice.

The 2.7x magnification ensures users get clarity at a low cost. The exaggeration makes it easy to target small or large games within 200 yards successfully. The zero tunneling or parallax makes plain clarity.

The 33mm objective lens, also multi-coat, has powerful recoil that withstands shock or fog. In addition, theIn addition, the scope is shockproof and waterproof. However, getting a durable product requires expense. If a device is not stable, there is high certainty it will break during fall.

The Redfield Revolution is perfect for hunters at a price range between $200 and is suitable for everything you need with shooting except for ultra-distance practice in an open environment.


In the absence of rings or mounts, Warne Medium QD rings are appropriate.

Vortex Strikefire II

This Vortex device is a pocket-friendly red dot scope you can acquire today.

The glass is super clear with no indication of a blur. The fully multi-coated properties also aid in its clarity as you see through the glass and identify a target promptly.  This scope has 4 MOA reticles, and you can always switch to green if you have previous vision problems that may not allow you to see through the red. Similarly, ten brightness settings are easier to use in dim or bright light conditions, and the two lowest settings are for night vision. 

The interesting fact about the red dot is the presence of unlimited eye relief, so users don’t have to bother about staying too long with the unforgiving eye box. Aiming the dot is simple as long as you can see the drop. Then, all you have to do is hit the target by pulling the trigger. Unlike a magnified scope, you can use both eyes for field view, which most professional advice is the best approach.

The adjustments are precise and responsive and use 1/2 MOA clicks for elevation & windage adjustments. The clicks are not hand-adjustable but solid. The turret caps make it easy to set desired adjustments while on the field without worrying about carrying a screwdriver. You can place this scope on an AR-15, and there will be no issue with a seamless hunting experience.

Hunters like red dot scope because of the absence of parallax. If you don’t have any magnification from the Strikefire II, it can work as a magnifier. Among numerous available options, the Vortex Magnifier with Flip Mount is appropriate. It gives optional 4x magnification and fits perfectly on the Strikefire II.

Thanks to the nitrogen purged and O-ring, the scope is durable and fog proof. Additionally, the excellent stable state of this weapon indicates you can use it in any condition without the worry of damage.

The scope has a CR2 lithium battery that serves as a power source, so you can go practice for a long duration without worrying about the equipment failing you.

Vortex provides a VIP warranty for their devices.

Overall, this red dot scope is an excellent choice for a low price because of visible green or red dots: flip caps, battery, brightness settings, simplified control, and fully multi-coated glass.


The offset cantilever mount on this scope will fit a rail Picatinny. The mount also enhances the red dot height perfection for proper AR iron sights.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Without much emphasis, this device is the best scope for Ruger 10/22. Vortex has a solid reputation for producing excellent broad range scope across the continent. Currently, they make the best scope for AR-10 and 308 rifles.

Crossfire II is something you should try soon. The presence of O-ring sealed, aircraft aluminum guide, and nitrogen purged makes the Crossfire II work perfectly in fog, shock, rain. So you don’t have to estimate during holdover. In addition, an in-built Dead-Hold BDC reticle makes it easy for the hunter to target varying ranges.

Other features include long eye relief, ultra-sharp eyebox, clear lens, extended range scope, swift & focus eyepiece engineered for distance prey.

The crisp and full multi-coat presence enables zero hold as the aluminum is from aircraft with Dead-Hold BDC reticle features. Aside from the provided lifetime warranty, Crossfire II is a solid choice for the overall Ruger 10/22 scope.

As a novice, target shooter, hunter, etc., if you can handle a gun, you will know that this device is indispensable. Currently, it ranks among the best 22LR scopes in the market.

UTG BugBuster 3-9×32

The next is UTG BugBuster 3-9×32. Unfortunately, it is rare to find degrees within area AO for eliminating parallax, a resettable turret for swift zeroing, variable power(3-9x), and crystal glass for varying ranges. 

As a beginner, you can adjust the turret and zero target within 50 yards. After successfully aiming your target, shift to 100 yards, and you will see the crisp view doesn’t have any blur side as the dual green, and red illumination helps with versatile applications.

The presence of sealed O-ring and nitrogen-purged tubes ensures that the scope is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof with maximum reliability. Irrespective of the number of rounds you shoot, the scope will hold zero. The downside is the eye relief which shortens. However, some people might not see it as an issue because you can fire as much as you want after setting the optic on the rail in line with the eye view.

The scope has a sunshade, heavy-duty rings, flip-open caps, and a lifetime warranty. After purchasing this product, if you don’t like it, there is an option for a 30-day refund policy; just get it backed up, and your money gets back to you.

The UTG BugBuster is among the best pocket-friendly Ruger 10/22 because it is accurate, cheap, durable, and performs better than its price.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 2-7×32

Another name for this scope is perfect for aiming. Users can dominate close to mid-range shootings with a fully coated lens, 3.7-in eye relief, and side parallax adjustment.

Bushnell built this AR optic device like a tank as the durable aluminum alloy, O-ring sealed, and nitrogen purge helps in shock, fog, and water protection. In addition, the multi-coated lens helps to provide incredible clarity, and the scope is reliable, uncompromising with optical precision for a precise aim to kill. Although the practical drawback is the 1.23-ib weight from the solid material and objective lens(32mm), the device is a high-quality scope.

The Bushnell AR 2-7×32 is among the best Ruger 10/22 devices for mid-to-long range targets. In addition, it is durable, affordable, and accurate. Finally, Bushnell’s provides a lifetime warranty which implies your scope is under appropriate protection.

The Bushnell AR 2-7×32 is among the best Ruger 10/22 devices for mid-to-long range targets. In addition, it is durable, affordable, and accurate.

Final Thoughts

We have simplified your process of choosing the ideal scope for Ruger 10-22. With our guide, you can make an informed purchase decision on the scope that works well with this rifle.

Keep in mind the tips in this guide. You need to be familiar with the features offered by each scope so you can identify what you should look for when shopping. 

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