What Type of Holster is Best for Concealed Carry?

This is one question that should not be taken lightly. Different holsters are designed to fit different parts of the body. Most concealed holsters are designed to mold to every crevice and curve of the body. This way, you get to conceal your handgun and travel with it wherever you go.

Once you’ve decided to carry a concealed gun, getting a concealed carry is your next step. This is the only way to carry your handgun safely. There are just so many reasons for a conceal carry. However, the major one is for safety purposes. Most gun experts will tell you that never carry have a concealed carry without a holster. The best holster for a concealed carry will ensure nothing gets in the way of the trigger causing accidental firing.

In this post, we will look at some of the best type of concealed carry holsters to consider buying. However, before we get there, let’s have a look at what makes a good concealment holster

What makes a good concealed holster?

Regardless of the type of handgun you have, a pistol holster need to have a few basic features. The first and obvious attribute to consider is the ability to conceal your handgun. Once you’re sure the holster will conceal your gun, you can then look at its safety features.

Below are the few basic features to consider:


The holster must enhance your ability to conceal the handgun.


The ideal holster must fit your handgun and your body perfectly.

Retention: This is the ability to hold the gun securely without any chances of the gun slipping out.


The holster must offer maximum protection to the trigger. This is the only way to avoid the negligent discharge of handguns.

Enhance safe and faster draw

The holster needs to work cleanly with your attire and support a firm grip upon withdrawing.


If the holster does not feel comfortable on your body, then it takes away the whole meaning of concealed carry. You need to feel at ease and continue with your daily duties without the holster getting into the way.

Type of Holsters for Concealed Carry

Here are the leading best holsters for a concealed carry

Belly Band Holster

This is a deep concealment method that keeps the gun very close to the body. The holster as the name suggests features a belly band with sewn pockets to fit the handgun. This type of holster is a perfect choice for small handguns.

A belly band holster is one of the most preferred methods for carrying handguns by women. It is a perfect choice holster, especially when undertaking various athletic activities. You can walk, jog and run with a belly band holster. This is because the belly band holster eliminates the risk of a gun drop. The type of holster is also versatile. One can position it on the waistline, armpit and torso area.

However, belly band holsters are not quick at drawing since they keep the gun so close to the body. Re-holstering also tends to a little difficult.

OWB Holster

This is another excellent concealed carry holster on the list to consider buying. The holster attaches to the outside of your pants. An OWB holster will not dig into your boy when seated. Moreover, this holster is one of the easiest to draw from. It also gives you a good grip on the entire hand.

While an OWB holster is great, it might require you an additional layer of clothing to properly conceal the gun. The jacket or shirt worn must cover the entire holster.

IWB Holster

This is a similar design to the OWB holster but one that carries the gun on the inside of the pants. This is one of the safest and most concealable ways to carry your handgun. The fact that it is inside your pants reduces the gun printing on the clothes.

There are different styles of IWB holsters ranging from a single leather IWB holster to a multi-material hybrid holster. While these holsters are great at concealing, they can be difficult to draw. You need to spend time practicing and perfecting your draw. Moreover, the holster tends to be a little uncomfortable during the hot summer months.

Appendix Carry Holster

An appendix holster is a mix between an IWB and OWB holster, but a little slimmer. The slimmer holster design allows it to fit on the front. However, this holster has some safety concerns as it can sweep against parts of your body. It can also feel a little uncomfortable when carrying a heavy handgun.

However, the appendix holster is still preferred by specific shooters since it allows faster draw for both lefties and righties. This holster also helps guard against a gun grab.

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are also pretty common and one you cannot miss in most detective movies. These types of holster feature leather straps that go over the shoulder to support the gun. The holsters carry your gun on your side just beneath the armpit. You can carry the gun in the vertical or horizontal position depending on what works best for you.

However, shoulder holsters are a little bulky and might require a jacket to properly conceal carry.

Final Verdict

Apart from these methods, you can also consider the ankle holsters, pocket holster and cross draw holster. Choosing a concealed carry holster comes down to what best works for you. Make sure the holster is concealable, safe and feels comfortable to wear for extended use.

What is IWB and How to Choose?

Do you have a permit to carry a firearm? Do you meet all the recommendations to move around with it, but you don’t want it to be evident to everyone that you are carrying a gun? Then, all you need is an IWB holster. But what is IWB? Well, that’s one of the focuses of this article.

For a start, we’ll explain, briefly what IWB means, and, most importantly, how you can choose the best one in the market.

What is IWB?

IWB Holsters or Inside the Waistband is the standard and ideal recommendation for conceal carry. They are designed to cover and are meant for a comfortable carry. For that reason, you can move around all day without any pain.

Ideally, the waistband must be designed to last for a considerable number of times, in fact decades. Also, it must be adjustable so that you can carry holster retention and carry position to the right preference you want.

Many individuals who use inside the waistband holster or IWB do because of the ease of use. IWB holsters often perfectly keep a person’s concealed carry near the hand used in the shooting. In comparison to the Outside the waistband holster, or OWB, IWB are an excellent option. They conceal a gun easier than the waistband holsters.

Well, inside the waistband are just not one-size-fits-all items. They are designed to measure up to the concealed carry needs of a lot of people with varying diversity.

Sadly, not all IWB holsters are designed well, thereby when you want to purchase one with your hard-earned money; here are tips to consider so you can choose the best in the market. Check the great guide from 57center

How to Choose IWB

When it comes to selecting the best IWB, there are a few crucial factors to consider. These vital factors to be considered will be useful for you when it comes to choosing the best IWB holster.

1. Material

There are various types of materials available for making holsters. These include leather, rubber, Kydex, and many more. However, the two most famous options are leather and Kydex.

Leather is long-lasting and will provide a classic and elegant look. However, Kydex material is regarded as the best option when it comes to safety. Why?

Kydex materials aren’t slippery like leathers. Also, it maintains its form even for a considerable number of times. Thus, you can have a guarantee over its shape.

Additionally, they are cost-effective and highly durable. They can withstand moisture, dirt, high temperatures, and would not sustain any damage. What does that mean for you? Your Kydex holsters will work well across numerous climate conditions, unlike the leather holsters that in locations with humidity and high heat, it can become sticky.

But there’s more advantage when you choose Kydex material for your IWB holster: It can be personalized with stunning designs and tasteful colours.

2. Safety Features

Safety is indeed another factor to consider when choosing the IWB to choose from. You are required to think about the precise safety features you need.

Consider the range of work that you do accomplish on any given day. If you aren’t highly active throughout a particular day, then you must get ready for that type of scenario.

Also, focus on retention features. The best IWB holsters will be designed with retention features that guarantee a secure fit. This fit will assist you to avoid losing control of the weapon you have.

Also, it must come with an audible click technology. This technology allows a user to be alert when the carrier is in the right position. So, in selecting the best IWB holsters, don’t hesitate to check for this safety feature.

3. The Right Fit

The right concealed holsters substantially depend on finding the ideal fit. Of course, there are a few factors that will determine that a holster has the right fit.

You should first do research and find out the best IWB holsters that will be perfect for your specific handgun. These holsters do come in varying styles so they can accommodate varying gun sizes and guns.

Take your time and also verify the carrying position that will be found comfortable. True, hip carry is undoubtedly the most common option, but you might discover small-of-the-back carry or appendix option pleasant.

Well, no matter what, the most efficient concealed carry holsters must be adaptable. It also must be able to accommodate lots of carrying positions. If you can verify this, that means you are able test out varying carrying styles, and you can adjust your presentation style to a better one in the future.

4. Functionality

Your ability to attain comfort throughout the day will be dependent on the clothing choice you are making. Yet, when you are wearing the right holster, it has a significant role to play too. Since you might be required to wear the IWB holster all day for a very long time, you must find it comfortable.

Choosing a holster that isn’t comfortable will not be functional and will impact how easy to spot wearing if around your waist. But what is the comfort equation?

It is the weight of the holster you are selecting. This is just one of the comfort features. Happily, lightweight holsters are often comfortable to find.

Also, your conceal carry belt and waistband of your pants are other essential factors that will favor how comfortable you will be. For IWB, you must wear a larger size than you often wear. This gives room for your concealment to sit in the waistband with no revealing comfortably.

You do well to investigate a holster that works well with the hand you utilize in drawing your gun. When buying online, a lot of platforms will often ask if you need a right-handed option or a left-handed option.

Well, you can find cross-draw options, but concealed carries usually sit on the side of a person’s dominant hand.  And this is quite better for a person who anticipates that there might be a time when they will need to draw from a seated position.

Eventually, there are lots of ambidextrous options open to those who can draw both hands and require a holster that is fitting for either hand. Also, it is perfect for lefties.

5. Conceal-Ability

Of course, it is not all states that have an open carry ban, but some have. If you reside in a country like and you want to concealment for several reasons, then you are required to verify how your weapon will be well concealed.

Part of accomplishing complete concealment is dependent on the clothing choices. Putting on loose and structured attire will aid you in keeping your handgun from printing and concealed.

Check for company brand that offers minimalist holster types. These assist in minimizing the substantial standard holsters. And as a result, it can conceal your gun in the right way.


When you choose the best IWB holster, you will experience maximum comfort. Be reminded that the best holster will assist in keeping your gun in a well-secured position. Additionally, you’d not worry about searching for where it is when you need it the most. Keep this point at heart, and let it guide your selection of IWB holsters.